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$7 Rush
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$7 Rush

JustinBoshoffJustinBoshoff Member
edited October 2011 in General

So I was thinking, “not really my strong point I must admit being AUADHD and all”.
I have spent the last 20 months in test and dev and think the $7 rush might just be the test bed for my hard work.

It would be LET only offer with a prorated MBG.

I was thinking a duel core silver plan (2Ghz across 2 cores ) like we do on with maybe 2000MB ram and a 48 MB burst to 2048, 500 GB transfer and 30 GB ZFS based storage with daily snapshots.

Would anybody be interested.


  • Regarding this "$7 Rush", we had a lot of discussions here...

    maybe 2000MB ram and a 48 MB burst to 2048

    Sounds cheap for $7. But again, maybe read the above thread first and if I am a provider I probably won't go that deep into this price war. I guess you have already established some client base especially with your last offers, keep the service up and grow at a pace that's healthy to your business.

  • Hi LEA

    Yes the last offer did pull a couple of sales thanks.
    I understand what you mean.
    Unfortunately I won't know if my setup will work if I do it slowly.
    I'm not looking to drop hundreds of boxes, just one or two node's to test the setup.
    It would be a test run hence the prorated money back guaranty.
    Just a thought?

    I do value you opinion a lot.
    So feel free to comment more, Please?

  • @JustinBoshoff i don't mind beta testing it

  • Thanks David
    If there is enough interest I will make it available.

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