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Migrate contents of a KVM VPS to OpenVZ VPS?
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Migrate contents of a KVM VPS to OpenVZ VPS?

syamansyaman Member
edited July 2012 in Help

Hi all

I'm migrating a Debian 6 KVM over to a Debian 6 OpenVZ (different providers). It has more than just websites - so simply rsyncing the webpages and MySQL database dump etc will not quite work.

I've found some tips for migrating OpenVZ to KVM/Zen/Vmware eg

Does anyone have tips for KVM --> OpenVZ instead?

Thank you


  • jarjar Member, Patron Provider

    Well it's like moving from one system to another system. I would install the relevant software on the new vps and then rsync the relevant data and configurations. Won't be a one size fits all solution to it. Might help if you give an idea what other kind of data you're working with if it can't just be copied and be ready to go.

  • syamansyaman Member

    Ah OK. Presently it's being used as an OpenLDAP server

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