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VPS Load Balancing Over the Internet
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VPS Load Balancing Over the Internet

davidnzdavidnz Member
edited October 2011 in General

Is it possible to load balance web site on different vps in different data centres


  • Yes
    if its plain html it's quie easy with roundrobin dns, if you need to auth distribution it gets a bit more complicated but still possible.

  • eva2000eva2000 Veteran
    edited October 2011

    Sure is possible, currently doing with 4x LEB VPS on my site via Haproxy load balancer at Just waiting to grab some more LEB VPS for the Tungsten Replicator based MySQL master/slave replication end :)

    Most recent benchmarks i did

  • What about Windows server 2008

  • @davidnz

    Why Larry Why??

  • I'm setting up streaming servers that replicate based on Geo Location, for example Have a server in Australia, so everyone this side of the world streams from that server but using one link, and anyone in the States, will stream from my server in the states, two different streams but one of the servers are serving the rest.

  • albertdbalbertdb Member
    edited October 2011

    davidnz said: I'm setting up streaming servers that replicate based on Geo Location

    I planned to do the same, using Maxmind GeoIP javascript redirection to different pages with the same content but different streams. But finally, I decided to setup a Round Robin DNS to achieve the best bandwidth balancing and let the users choose a different server in case they have problems.

  • Configure your nameservers to return IP of an end node based on customer's nameserver (resolver) location, that's how smaller CDN's work. If you need windows for your end nodes - well anyway your nameservers better be on linux.

  • eva2000eva2000 Veteran
    edited October 2011

    I was intending on getting 2x KVM/XEN VPS to allow for non-local binding of ip via sysctl.conf edits for haproxy load balanced failover using keepalived or heartbeat, but i came across a cheaper alternative with dns/ip fail over via even with US$59/yr for 25 domains + anycast dns it's cheaper than 2x LEB like KVM/XEN VPS which would at least cost 2x US$7-15/month = US$168-360 per year.

    They also have geographical redirectors which is probably what some of you want to use. But it's additional cost at $55 / Month / Domain Billed yearly = US$660/yr.


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