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My empty Amazon S3 bucket was still incurring charges
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My empty Amazon S3 bucket was still incurring charges

howardsl2howardsl2 Member
edited November 2014 in General

Just a heads up for people using Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). An empty S3 bucket with all its contents deleted could continue to be charged for usage. You may need to delete that bucket itself to avoid this.

I had an S3 bucket in which I stored many GBs of data in July 2014. In August I deleted ALL files in that bucket and it has been empty since then (and versioning is NOT enabled). This month I looked at my bills and noticed an inconsistency in S3 usage. Upon further investigation it turned out that they were still charging for the above mentioned S3 bucket which has been EMPTY since August! I opened a ticket to point out this error, and AWS support was unable to find the reason. However they did issue a small credit to my account.

You can check your detailed S3 usage here:

On that page, select options as shown in the image below. Then click on "Download report (CSV)", and open in Microsoft Excel. That will give you a breakdown of S3 usage by buckets. Then you can check if there is any discrepancy in usage.


  • samczsunsamczsun Member
    edited November 2014

    Just send in a ticket, or go on live chat.

    I was in the wrong region, so I thought I had no more active instances, but it turns out I had a VPS running in a different region that incurred $60+. Amazon was really nice and refunded my money..

    but only after advising me on how to browse all regions at once lol

    lol I tl;dr'd your post and I missed the part where they issued a credit invoice.

    Damn. That really sucks. Sorry man :(

  • Amazon sucks. They charge for air. Avoid this shit.

  • @Profforg said:
    Amazon sucks. They charge for air. Avoid this shit.

    it sucks when your employeer thinks they are the best thing since sliced bread.

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