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CloudFlare Free Plan : Reliability ! Will you trust ??
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CloudFlare Free Plan : Reliability ! Will you trust ??

Mahfuz_SS_EHLMahfuz_SS_EHL Host Rep, Veteran


Maximum Time of Error which I've seen for the websites accelerated By CloudFlare shows:

Browser Working > CloudFlare Working > Host Error

Have you ever seen CloudFlare Error ?? I mean, I'm curious to know how often CloudFlare gets Problem; because If My Hosting Server is UP and Website goes down for CloudFlare outstages, then it'll be awkward !!!

How many of you utilizes CloudFlare's Free Plan ?? I see, SSL has been switched on for Free Plan if CloudFlare connected directly by their NameServer, if you add it from cPanel, SSL can't be configured.

Awaiting for Replies,


  • udkudk Member
    edited November 2014

    Not amazing reliability, but for what you pay it's a fabulous offer. Doesn't always make the site load faster either which can be annoying...

  • CloudFlare is a trusted CDN that many websites use (even their free plan). I have never seen CF down while my site was still up. Although I will be moving off CF soon (I don't get enough traffic to justify the CDN/caching anyways), I don't think you shouldh ave a problem with them.

  • It depends on the situation.

    If you want to lower bandwidth, then i guess you should use CloudFlare and endure downtimes and problems of it.

    But if you have fine situation with bandwidth or have little website - it's better not to use this. Just easier and less problems.

  • tr1ckytr1cky Member
    edited November 2014

    CloudFlare has problems from times to times, here's an uptime report for a site which backend had 100% uptime since I launched it (@dcc you rock!):

    As you can see, downtime with CloudFlare is rare, but I saw some slowdowns from times to times.

  • I also using the free plan for some sites. But not long enough to comment. I will keep a watch on my CF powered and non-cf powered sites and see how it goes.

  • if uptime is not important for you, cloudflare is ok. cloudflare cdn indeed helps to speed up your website (just a little). The reason I moved away from cloudflare is downtime (502-503 errors) very often.

  • I trust CloudFlare, almost all of my websites use it. Some paid plan, some free plan. Just need to temporary disable Cloudflare if there is error from their side.

  • shovenoseshovenose Member, Host Rep

    CloudFlare is down more than the servers/websites behind it.

  • For me any site that has Cloudflare SSL on the free plan doesn't work at all on either Chrome or Firefox.

  • camjac251 said: For me any site that has Cloudflare SSL on the free plan doesn't work at all on either Chrome or Firefox.

    really? even though i dont like cloudflare, but its ssl works just fine for me on chrome & firefox.

  • Cloudflare is supposted to be a CDN? Wtf. Its not speeding up anything here, it just slows down the loading speeds. I'm seeing cloudflare more as just another reverse proxy than anything else.

  • eLohkCalbeLohkCalb Member
    edited November 2014

    Jonchun said: I have never seen CF down while my site was still up

    Have seen many cases where CF failed to load while the origin stays up, and like others said, more often it's making site slower than speeding things up.

    I guess it has something to do with the reverse proxy being too sensitive or timeout too fast, especially when CF uses a proxy in the "wrong" region to pull your pages. Besides, they would probably refuse to cache those pages due to low popularity.

    At the end of the day, it's a bad experience for the visitors.

    (In before CF fan boys coming in to shout at me saying I configured things wrongly)

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  • they do down sometime but not very often and the downtime are usually minimal plus it usually isn't down from everywhere maybe just particular pop from certain region.

  • johnlth93 said: usually minimal plus

    you might got luck, if i remember correctly cf gaves me weekly downtime with 1-3 hours intervals.

    • speeds up loading times -> barely noticeable for me
    • DDoS protection -> I never get DDoS'd
    • caching to save bandwidth -> I never reach my monthly traffic quota
    • free SSL -> only from visitor to Cloudflare, not from Cloudflare to your server
    • keep website online, even if your server is down -> Cloudflare is down sometimes also, which eliminates the advantage
  • Their always online (cached page when your website is down) is not always available. but I'm using the free plan, and the crawl rate is once per week.

  • 4n0nx said: free SSL -> only from visitor to Cloudflare, not from Cloudflare to your server

    if you want SSL to from CF to your server too, just use self sign ssl cert on your side, then choose "Full SSL" on CloudFlare

  • Mahfuz_SS_EHLMahfuz_SS_EHL Host Rep, Veteran

    The Only Problem is If My Host remain UP and I get downtime for CloudFlare. It would be very awkward because I want My Site to remain UP and without any Problem from My End, if it goes down then what the hell it would help Me in this regard !!!

  • I have tried both paid version and free version and sucks. Not to recommend.

  • i use it to ban china and bw reduction was significant. their smarthost sux landing pages with affiliate links

  • CloudFlare free service is great. I mainly use it for the free ssl for SEO purposes

  • Mahfuz_SS_EHLMahfuz_SS_EHL Host Rep, Veteran

    Got some downtime records right after switching to CloudFlare, so the initial experience is not go Good !!! -_-

  • I've used their free plan for a while and I've seen no downtime at all. I see a decent reduction in bandwidth (~100gb) Not that it matters, but it's nice. Speedup is meh, for me but it does help some of our Australian members quite noticeably, ddos protection I can't speak for, but you don't really get it until you pay.

  • I have been using Cloudflare for all my domains, 2 paid and bunch of free ones. So far I have had no problems. I use them mostly for DNS and not cdn, so dont know much about how the cdn performs.

  • For now... yes. In the future... maybe not.

    Have a contingency plan.

  • Mahfuz_SS_EHLMahfuz_SS_EHL Host Rep, Veteran

    I can see speed up for My Website. Lastly, latency was 290 ms, Now it's 105 ms. Site is also loading fast.

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