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[Release] NEVER PAY (Much) FOR A DOMAIN AGAIN! [Method] [GoDaddy]
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[Release] NEVER PAY (Much) FOR A DOMAIN AGAIN! [Method] [GoDaddy]

aboudaboud Member
edited November 2014 in Tutorials

Not my content -- Just sharing

Ever wanted a discount on GoDaddy but you couldn't have it? here's your solution!

A coupon software, I won't explain more, here's the method:
First: You need Google Chrome, simply the best current web browser (IMO)

Second: You need this: Link

Third: Add it to your Chrome!

Fourth: Navigate to GoDaddy

Fifth: Choose your products (Must of them got coupons)

Sixth: Checkout! when you checkout, Honey will pop-up, it will automatically put the best value coupon there is, and.. tada! Enjoy your discount! :)

Official Website: Join Honey
Supported Websites: Link

Sorry for title caps :$


  • NeoonNeoon Community Contributor, Veteran
    edited November 2014

    So basically the "Toolbar" sends every website you open to there servers to spy on you, ups to get your cheap coupons?

  • ATHKATHK Member
    edited November 2014

    Inb4 op posts an offer.

  • Why install something when you can simply use a coupon code?

  • It's an automated tool to get coupons, @Infinity580 you can just uninstall it when you're done using it, GreenHostBox because you can't get all coupons available to use, atleast I can't, I use it, it reduces the domain cost to $3.00, anyway, don't comment if you've rejected the idea, I don't have to see this, be negative/scared yourself. With all do respect

  • Looks like spyware. They needs control what you purchase for marketing purposes

  • take your third world ass on out of here fuckwad

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  • @JoeMerit said:
    take your third world ass on out of here fuckwad

    Did you forget to take your adderall?

  • I don't like this.

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