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Looking for A UI Designer To Collab With
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Looking for A UI Designer To Collab With

agoldenbergagoldenberg Member, Host Rep

Hi All,

I'm thinking about (and have started dev on) creating a notebook webapp (possibly android and iOS VIA Phonegap) using the Zend Framework and MYSQL.

I wanted to check here and see if anyone would be interested in doing the UI side of things. It would be great if you knew something about Zend, but really isn't necessary.

I'm looking to make this both self hosted as well as offering a hosted version of it. I know there are things like evernote and oneNote. Personally I was a fan of SpringPad but it died :(

This is not a massive project and is really just a very simple note taking app. I built a bit of UI for it using Bootstrap but tbh I suck with Design and would love to have it look nice.

I'm looking to share this product and any money making opportunities that may or may not come up with this project will be split 50/50 with whomever would like to help.

Would prefer someone with a strong grasp of English and ideally who is in the eastern time zone so we can collab.

The only views really needed are as follows:

Notebook - View / Add / Edit / Delete a Notebook.
Note - View / Add / Edit / Delete a Note

Beta Registration

User Profile - View / Edit.

Let me know if this is something you're interested in. Would love to have the hand on the UI side but worst case I can continue to build with bootstrap.


  • I can help you with it as I do code in, html, and well I don't really do alot of php(I can do php, but I horribly hate php, due to its so much work compared to and html.) plus I can tell you this what do you want it coded in, please pm me where we can discuss this in private please.

  • ValdVald Member
    edited November 2014

    just to give you some tips, as you stated your self this would be a simple project so the first thing you should reconsider is using the bloated zend framework, what you really need is one simple api and a well coded js frontend which is going to make calls to your api. I would suggest you to evaluate some js frameworks in that case and drop zend, try phalcon micro framework for an api or just use laravel with hhvm, they will increase your performance by a lot or you can even do a nodejs with sails/express/kraken/etc.

    Good luck with your project

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