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What is going on with HeroicVPS (Spinikr)?
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What is going on with HeroicVPS (Spinikr)?

TheLinuxBugTheLinuxBug Member
edited November 2014 in General

I am opening this thread because for the past week anytime I visit to pay my bill their site is offline with, "Error establishing a database connection". Now their site, loads without issue, but all of their client panel and other site operations look to be handled by the domain which has been showing this error now for about a week. This is a bit alarming as I have an outstanding invoice which I now haven't been able to pay for over a week. It worries me that my server will randomly be taken offline or that maybe this is a sign of something even worse happening...

I sent their [email protected] address an e-mail and to this date have not received any reply back on the case either.

@HC_Ro Can you shed some light on what is going on here?



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