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dacentec review
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dacentec review

click4easyclick4easy Member
edited November 2014 in General


I had good experience with dacentec in the past. So, i decided to give them a try again. I've ordered a l5520 i.e for $50/month plus additional ip's worth $6. I thought to keep my paypal organized by paying once for both the server and ip invoices, so i added funds first. Surprisingly, my funds appeared nowhere in my user panel.

Server was ordered on Saturday. I was asked by the support team to contact their sales dept who are available only from monday-friday.

On Monday, they responded to me by marking my clubbed invoice paid. Sadly, the two individual invoices of my order were cancelled, and they couldn't trace it out and asked me to re-order the servers.

I would like a response from dacentec staff for my issue.

So far, 4 days have passed and my issue isn't resolved.

Is there any representative of dacentec on LET?


  • Call or email them directly.

  • dacentecdacentec Member, Host Rep

    Contact us at support or sales.

  • wychwych Member
    edited November 2014

    LET is not a support desk.
    Your having a laugh right; submit a ticket to sales/billing or call them (the numbers in the site footer).

    I would make a ticket and include all details of your order from your email record.

    And to try and make this a review that follows the rules...

    On a similar note Stephen at Dacentec has been of much help this last week to me, placed an order Day 1 evening, bank blocked the payment via my card, reprocessed payment on Day 2 AM. Stephen contacted me for IP justification a few hours later and then server delivered 8 hours later with my custom config (still in Day2).

    I also had a lantronix attached to the box FoC and then also had a custom iso added to a usb stick to install my OS my own way as I wanted some funky partitioning. Stephen then assigned my new IP's within 30mins after that.

    Machine has held up and no signs of network issues yet.

    Thanked by 2ATHK VenexCloud
  • click4easyclick4easy Member
    edited November 2014

    @wych +1, they've been so fast for me in the past. I've opened a ticket, but, no one responded.

  • wychwych Member
    edited November 2014

    @click4easy said:
    wych. I've opened ticket, but, no one responded.

    With which support desk? You would need to speak to Sales/Billing I imagine.

    I would guess its adding funds that threw the system out, I am also not sure if they use any anti-fraud systems. My payment was blocked by my bank not them.

  • @wych why so agitated? what would let be without provider name & shame threads. these come up in google searches you know, and people see the replies and the comments by the provider and decide if the provider is good enough.

  • @kerouac said:
    wych why so agitated?

    I am aware threads like this are cached by Google; I am an SEO/Internet Marketer...

    I may seem agitated and I guess its because it gets tedious seeing the same kind of threads, its not a "review" its a "decentec not fulfilled my order yet thread".

    And genuinely given my pricing on my dacentec machine and the responses I have had I believed they are due a fair counterbalance considering I have paid other providers more and had even longer replies or what some may call less support.

  • I am sorry for your misunderstanding but Dacentec is usually very professional.

    +1 for Dacentec.

  • In my past experiences they have been very quick to reply to tickets. Although I only had to open one while I had service with them. 4 days is too long regardless...

    Did you re-order after they instructed you to do so?

  • @wych

    Thank you so much. As soon as i opened a thread here. Within minutes, a dacentec rep contacted me and within an hour or so my server was setup.

    They are awesome:)

  • +1 for Dacentec. Solid service and timely support ... Rent To Own or Colo.

    No major issues in almost 2 years of being with them.

  • @click4easy glad you got it sorted!

  • one of the most well referred people I know uses Dacentec and highly recommends them --- good work Dacentec! I'd use you guys but I need EU based hosting...

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