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Anyone used these in cPanel Server ??
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Anyone used these in cPanel Server ??

Mahfuz_SS_EHLMahfuz_SS_EHL Host Rep, Veteran


I was looking for a Good Apache Alternative / Proxy to work with Apache to decrease the load.

I found the following:

1. NginxCP :

2. CPXtack :

3.  CPnginx (Paid) :

4. cPanel Varnish Plugin (Paid) :

Anyone has any Experience with the above plugins ?? If yes, then share your experience.



  • I've used NginxCP before. Interface was simple and quite easy. (Edit nginx.conf straight from the CP)
    It was okay but I couldn't see much performance difference TBH. :/

    I still kind of prefer just having to use the standard Apache on cPanel installations.

  • Using NginxCP & well it does its work, no issue with it so far.

  • I have tried them all for longer periods and each of them caused hassle after some time. Unixy's support (when it comes to this plugin) is horrifying slow and unfriendly. I cannot recommend them all, unfortunately.

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  • NginxCP is 10 x faster and it*s work with cpanel , in the port 81

  • Used NginxCP, I find it easy and simple to use though i cant say that there was much of a difference in the performance of the websites

  • Don't bother, you should be able to configure Apache to be bearable on a low ram server. If you are going to pay for something, get cloudlinux and set very strict limits for all your clients - they might hate you though.

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