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VNC into newly created KVM box
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VNC into newly created KVM box

I create KVM VPS inside in my Cent OS 6 dedicated box. all things seems like fine & bridge is working fine too. but I dunno how to VNC into KVM box using my Home PC :/ please can you help me to figure this out :)

Thanks !


  • perennateperennate Member, Host Rep

    If you're using libvirt, you can use virsh dumpxml hostname | grep -i vnc and get the VNC port, then to connect best way would be over SSH tunnel, so do ssh -L 5900:localhost:[vm vnc port] username@hostnode and then use your VNC client to connect to localhost:5900. The -L option specifies local port that will be tunnelled to some hostname/port on the remote server (so localhost means it'll go to loopback on the remote server).

    If you're not using libvirt, you need to set the VNC port when you launch the VM, but probably you are using libvirt.

  • perennate said: probably you are using libvirt.

    yes I'm using libvirt, but when I enter "ssh -L 5900:localhost:[vm vnc port] username@hostnode" it's return "bind: Address already in use"

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