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What is the catch in this hardware ?
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What is the catch in this hardware ?

Hi Guys,

I saw this listing on ebay.

The cpubenchmark of this processor is around 5000. Therefore the 3 nodes combined together are really good, also the amount of memory installed is really good. This combined together can serve a nice cluster or something.

There must be some catch, I can't understand, there is a lot of them on ebay. Anyone can explain ?


  • Ex-Facebook units I think.

  • @0xdragon - Ex-Facebook is not bad. I do not think so though.

  • Ex-Facebook, custom DCS build with broken IPMI, unsupport Tyan motherboard, etc, etc.

    We have a customer who colo'ed two racks of those things, first the IPMI was used for NTP amplification attack (can't shut it off), then someone backdoored his machines using built in IPMI account.

    They are probably OK for home use but for use in a datacentre, I wouldn't bother

  • I have one of those in my laundry room. No RAM/CPU or HDS but atleast I got all the trays unlike this one.

    I don't know why I even have it exactly...

  • What does ex-Facebook mean?

  • trewqtrewq Administrator, Patron Provider

    @hostnoob said:
    What does ex-Facebook mean?

    Facebook used to own them.

  • @hostnoob said:
    What does ex-Facebook mean?


    It means, the box was used most likely in PROD for Facebooks public servers, meaning it's been thrashed to shit house for hours on end.


  • @ATHK said:

    I didn't know if it meant they were literally owned by Facebook or just used for a heavily used site like Facebook

  • @ATHK : Used by facebook not necessarily means they will be bad.

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