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Google Apps - some senders bounce
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Google Apps - some senders bounce

This is a new one on me - someone we set up with Google Apps free is reporting some senders can't email them. This after years with no issues. The bounce messages are like:

< #5.0.0 X-Spam-&-Virus-Firewall; mail for .com loops back to myself> #SMTP

DNS/MX records are setup fine - I've done lookups, and nothing has changed.

I can personally email them from a couple of different domains without issue, but there are enough failures from corporate senders to indicate there is a problem. Nothing else in the headers of the bounced emails looks suspect to me - spam scores, virus checks all appear fine to me.

Anyone got any suggestions? My Google Fu hasn't revealed anything hugely useful.


  • I don't have the same problem.

    The last time some senders couldn't send email to me because of their firewall setup. The firewall marked the out going email as spam or virus infected.

  • If the senders are sending via a webmail app, then maybe you need to look at the configuration on the server where the webmail app is hosted.

    If there's a MTA on the server (e.g. Postfix) then it needs to know that mail for is not hosted locally.

  • You can't do anything about the sender side of things because you don't control their servers. What you can do is take every step possible to build trust in your domain name. First setup SPF records:

    Then setup DKIM:

  • squibssquibs Member
    edited November 2014

    Thanks for that - I hadn't thought of SPF and DKIM. I think they had a virus, so that may have issued spam on the email account and created reputation issues I guess?

  • smansman Member
    edited November 2014

    +1 on SPF and DKIM.

    Also something a lot of people don't realize is that there are daily limits on how many emails you can send and receive with google. I have run into that before although not lately. Google has always been a bit cagey on that information though. They definitely do admit to putting limits on. Once you hit that you have to wait up to 24hours for it to reset.

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