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What Android Apps are you using?
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What Android Apps are you using?

Have a Nexus 5 smartphone. So far, I'm thinking about getting GrooveIP to make free phone calls through my internet connection. Off the top of my head, that's the only useful app I can think of.

My relative has a 8 gb Android phone and quickly ran out of memory. The phone is also very slow to load. I didn't see too many apps on his phone and strongly suspect some kind of virus or malware is installed. Do you guys use anti-virus/security apps?

I'm looking for a few fun games too.


  • Angry Birds. I believe this is the single most used android application. It is what made android popular ;-)

  • I don't have anti-virus/security apps, as long as you don't install "strange" apps from "strange" source, you will be fine

  • i dont use any antivirus either. a few apps i cant live without are moneywise, gnotes, and adaway.

  • MSPNickMSPNick Member
    edited November 2014

    My partner has an Android phone; all she has on there is Facebook!!!

    My self; it's an iPhone. All I have on there is my banking application

  • JuiceSSH, imgur, here, chrome

  • chess and bible

  • AirDroid, Clean Master, Nova Launcher.

  • WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, DuckDuckGo, Google Camera, Copy, File Commander, The Guardian, Russia Today, QuizUp (this is a game), Tinder (don't judge me please) and JuiceSSH.

    I have many other apps installed but I don't use them often. Most of the time, I just use WhatsApp and Telegram.

    For security, I use VirusTotal.

    I would recommend QuizUp, its a pretty fun game. :P

  • Firstly, tinder - lol

    Secondly, did you change your username?

  • 0xdragon said: Firstly, tinder - lol


    0xdragon said: Secondly, did you change your username?

    Yep. It was GIANT_CRAB

  • I have a Nokia Lumia and app store of Nokia lumia sucks!

  • AdAway from fdroid. Firefox, Wordweb, Alarm Clock Xtreme, Adobe Reader, Explorer, Flipboard, CPU Spy(to check deepsleep), MX Player(plays any video format), RAR( Official Android App from WinRAR) , Titanium Backup Pro(for app+data batch backups and freezing useless apps which are required from time to time), Wakelock Detector( to find poorly programmed apps that drain battery)

  • WhatsApp, FirstDirect, Samsung Parallax Winter LWP

  • dragon1993dragon1993 Member
    edited November 2014

    JuiceSSH, ES File Explorer (SCP/WiFi Copy/Dropbox/Etc...),VPSMon,GravityBox,
    uTorrent Remote,Remote Transmission,VLC Remote, FB Messenger, TeamViewer, Plex.....

  • must install apps: profimail, server auditor, twitcaster, fx explorer, supersu, aanndd of course camera360 :-D

  • lbe security master

  • I don't use any kind on anti-virus etc.

    Have these apps : JuiceSSH, Slack, Desk App, Hipchat, Toggl, MX Player, Google Inbox.

    Games for my nephew : ABC Phonics, Hill Climb Racing, Fruit Ninja, Candy Crush Saga & Talking Tom

  • XPrivacy of course ;-)

    Thanked by 1tehdartherer
  • Avast Mobile Antivirus, Clash of Clans, Google Camera, Google Drive, Facebook, Evernote, Instagram, Twitter, K-9 Mail, OpenVPN (useful for school internet), PayPal, OneDrive, Skype, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Zombie Tsunami.

    Still leaving out some apps, I guess it's not enough ahah

  • feedly + pocket and chrome.

  • Avast Antivirus, Skype, Whatsapp, Kik, K-9 Mail, VLC, Google Translate, Firefox, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, SwiftKey, Hacker News 2, fx explorer, and a couple other utility/news apps.

    I have a couple different devices with different variations of the standard set of apps listed above.

    The only game I have is Chess Free (yes I am boring -> use it only for communication and freelancing).

  • Zombie Tsunami and my nephew always plays it :)

  • edited November 2014

    AMEX, Amazon, Bank of America, Box, Business Insider, Buzzfeed, Calendar, Call Logs Backup & Restore, Camera, Chrome, Cloudmagic, CNN, Dropbox, Foldersync, Hangouts & Hangouts Dialer, hubiC, K-9 Mail, Kayak, FB Messenger, Pandora, Skype, S Notes, Snapchat, SMS Backup & Restore, SportsCenter, Spotify, TiBu, Twitter, NavFree USA, VLC, Whatsapp, XDA Free, XiiaLive, Yelp, Youtube, YouTube Downloader, Zedge, Zillow.

    On an AT&T Galaxy Note 2 running DN5v2

  • edited November 2014

    SIM Toolkit not visible because I have flight mode enabled.

  • I don't use any anti-malware on mine, but I do use Adaway for blocking ads. As for games, I'd recommend "Circle". It's super simple, but lot's of fun.

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