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webuzo nginx as reserve proxy, htaccess doesn't work?
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webuzo nginx as reserve proxy, htaccess doesn't work?

i'm using webuzo and using apache+nginx reserver prox...i have set up nginx reserve proxy on nginx setting with port 81 and "check" allow .htaccess
i have restarted nginx, apache and all but my htaccess doesn't work ..when i use apache as my my webserver, htaccess work fine

what additionat setting should i do to make my htaccess working on nginx as reserve proxy?


  • From your description, seems like nginx is not configured correctly.

    There are no much win from nginx as reverse proxy. You should use just apache if you want .htaccess or just nginx + php-fpm or similar if you don't need .htaccess.

  • Look like nginx-proxy not match. Nginx-proxy, lighttpd-proxy and hiawatha-proxy running well in Kloxo-MR.

  • vestacp its for you. nginx as reverse proxy in front of apache.

  • yes on vestacp nginx proxy running well..i want to try webuzo because webuzo has mariadb

  • No different between MariaDB and MySQL. Just need a little trick to replace MySQL to MariaDB.

  • It is not clear what your problem is.

    Are you saying that directory based configuration does not work with nginx? Yes that wouldnt be supported.

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