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VMWare Esxi Vs Proxmox - Why you choose one over the other?
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VMWare Esxi Vs Proxmox - Why you choose one over the other?

zhuanyizhuanyi Member
edited July 2012 in General

For the dedi that I have just received from datashack I chose to get VMWare Exsi installed, because I have used the VSphere client before and it is quite user-friendly (although Proxmox has a nice online interface too), however it appears to me the performance of VMWare machines are, in general, better than KVM machines for Windows for some reason.

However now I would like to hear the other side of story, what are the advantages of VMWare Vs Proxmox and vice versa and what makes you choose one over the other?


  • laaevlaaev Member
    edited July 2012

    VMWare ESXi can only be used for personal use, the free version cannot be used in production per there licensing policies.

    Unless you wish to be paying upwards multiple thousands of dollars, for production out of the two, Proxmox is your only option.

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  • proxmox is awesome. Since the latest update. everything seems much faster.

  • pcanpcan Member
    edited July 2012

    The free ESXi version (at least 4.x) has no support and therefore is not suited to production environements, but can be used in production (for own use). And it is the most user friendly solution for simple tasks.

  • As a long term user of vmware I think it had a lot of time to improve but the new technologies are giving it a hard time in a relatively short period. I can say we have a goner, of course, not in the near future.
    I think, regarding performance, unless you tweak vmware and you leave KVM out of the box, you will find KVM does better (with guest tweaking, of course). At least on my hardware which can be pretty low end.

  • jarjar Member, Patron Provider

    I wouldn't say it performs better than KVM, I'd say the providers that I've used with it tend to sell less per node at higher prices. I like vmware but it's just not the best bang for your buck.

  • earlearl Member
    edited July 2012


    May I ask what version of esxi did you install, 4.1 or 5?

    never mind found out your using 5

  • I have to say ESX is just past its prime and VMWare got on the bandwagon and still makes a lot of their money with large institutions that signed multi-year contracts.

    I really would take KVM over VMWare as VMWare can be the most pain to do anything with. For example, if you enable SSH, you pretty much void your support.

  • earlearl Member

    Well I really wanted Proxmox but the tech at Datashack said it's not compatible with the hardware.. not sure why

  • No reason why it's not.

  • prometeusprometeus Member, Host Rep

    Vmware is really ahead when you use the high end features (that is were they make a lot of money). In the last two years we've used RHEV (the commercially supported KVM implementation of redhat) and even with version 3, which was a big step forward, feature are still limited compared to what you can do with vmware. But I hope the time will play in favour of kvm :-)

  • earlearl Member
    edited July 2012

    @jshinkle said: No reason why it's not.

    Nope.. just "Proxmox is not compatible with the hardware of this server"

    it's an Hp blade BL465c G1

  • I know it's a blade, but know of several people utilizing proxmox on it. There shouldn't be a reason other than they don't want to install it.

  • earlearl Member

    Yeah it's possible they don't want to install it.. not sure if anyone got them to install proxmox on this server

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