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Auto-Configure Email with SRV Records?
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Auto-Configure Email with SRV Records?

A lot of my customers have trouble setting up their email. Outlook and I believe Mac's Mail application have a way to lookup settings for email accounts. Does anyone know how to accomplish this automatic setup? This way, users would only have to enter their email and password.

I am using Interworx and Qmail (the builtin email software for Interworx).


  • I think when they don't know the servers like "" they just look for "mail.domain.tld" at least that what I use, and works even on K9 (Android)

  • Depending on your mail setup the server should offer some sort of Auto Discovery that you can setup.

  • Ive been trying to figure it out, but no luck so far.

  • There is an example in RFC 6186:

    Example: service records for both IMAP and POP3, with IMAP having a
    lower-numbered priority value (0) than POP3 (10), indicating to the
    MUA that IMAP is preferred over POP3, when the MUA can support either

       _imap._tcp     SRV  0 1 143
       _pop3._tcp     SRV 10 1 110

    In addition, with SRV RRs it is possible to indicate that a
    particular service is not supported at all at a particular domain by
    setting the target of an SRV RR to ".". If such records are present,
    clients MUST assume that the specified service is not available, and
    instead make use of the other SRV RRs for the purposes of determining
    the domain preference.

    Example: service records for IMAP and POP3 with both TLS and non-TLS
    service types are present. Both IMAP and POP3 non-TLS service types
    are marked as not available. IMAP (with TLS) has a lower-numbered
    priority value 0 than POP3 (with TLS) at priority 10, indicating to
    the MUA that IMAP is preferred over POP3, when the MUA can support
    either service, and only the TLS versions of the services are

       _imap._tcp     SRV  0 0 0   .
       _imaps._tcp    SRV  0 1 993
       _pop3._tcp     SRV  0 0 0   .
       _pop3s._tcp    SRV 10 1 995
  • Just found what it was looking for, seems to work pretty good. Took me awhile to get it all working.

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