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Samsung 850 PRO vs Intel S3500
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Samsung 850 PRO vs Intel S3500

jmginerjmginer Member, Patron Provider

We are looking to select the SSDs for our new node.
I think the Samsung is a better option, but, some point in favour of Intel?

Samsung 850 PRO

Capacity: 1 TB

IOPS r: 100k

IOPS w: 90k

MTBF: 2M hours

Cost: 460 €

Cost/GB: 0.45€

Intel S3500

Capacity: 800 GB

IOPS r: 90k

IOPS w: 12k

MTBF: 2M hours

Cost: 570 €

Cost/GB: 0.71€

What SSD?
  1. Samsung vs Intel51 votes
    1. Samsung 850 PRO
    2. Intel S3500


  • Samsung 850 Pro sounds very promising with their 3d-NAND technology. The only thing i would be worried about would be firmware bugs, since this is a quite new product for now.

  • Samsung. :)

  • Is the samsung SLC, TLC or MLC?

    edited November 2014

    Based on the capacity and tech spec its for sure MLC i am not a big fan of MLC SSD.

  • BINFO said: Based on the capacity and tech spec its for sure TLC

    Wrong, it's MLC. Read more here -

    edited November 2014

    @rds100 said:

    It seems you're i was thinking to MLC but wrote TLC my fault

  • On server hardware I always choose stability and proven track record over performance and price tag (on same price class, of course). Intel has a lead here.

  • alexhalexh Member
    edited November 2014

    BINFO said: i am not a big fan of MLC SSD.

    Could you elaborate?

    MLC NAND provides additional durability, the main issue with the original implementation of solid-state drives. Reliability has been increased exponentially by the new NAND used in the 850 Pro drives.

    To the OP, both drives are good, but the 850 Pro would be my choice. While they're new, the 830 and 840 Pro proved their name in the market. Additionally, tests/benchmarks of the new 850 series have been spectacular so far. While I can appreciate the time-tested reliability of Intel's products, I feel that their solid-state drives aren't as oriented around performance as competing enterprise-grade products.

    The 840 Pro would also still be a great choice. Just because they're a generation old doesn't mean there's anything wrong with them. They actually still perform very well, potentially better than the S3500 series. You could save some money this way.

    Edit: Seems the 840, not even the 850, has much faster random read/write times than the S3500. I think durability is very comparable. I would lean towards Samsung here. There's a discussion on WHT about this, too:

  • tsantentsanten Member
    edited November 2014

    Samsung 850 Pro for me

    I always buyed Samsung ssd from 830 series and up without any problem so far.

  • I've bought the 850 PRO three months ago and I can safely say this is by far one of the snappiest drives I've had in a long time. I can't obviously speak for its reliability, but the 10 year warranty (150TBW) speaks for itself.

    I'd lean towards the Samsung drive in terms of raw performance and consistency, but you can't go wrong with either one.

    Well written review I'd highly recommend to read:,1.html

  • In terms of reliability i lean towards the Intel drive but regarding price / value - the Samsung.

  • Performance wise the Intel 3500 is pretty wesk compared to 850 pro

  • dieselltddieselltd Member, Host Rep

    looked testing ssd, samsung 1st place

  • 삼성 :)

  • TarballZTarballZ Member
    edited November 2014

    No question about it, the Samsung 850 Pro. It is a couple of generations newer than the Intel S3500 and is built using 40nm NAND, which means that it will take allot of punishment and last for a very very long time. The 850 Pro is not plagued with the same firmware issues as the 840 Pro. Samsung has taken the #1 spot when it comes to SSDs.

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