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Hyper-v or KVM
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Hyper-v or KVM

yhuzayhuza Member


I get issue on my host vps,

Now my hosting vps running system hyper-v for virtualzation,
but have case issue, when my vps get attack under 200kbs my vps get offline someting crash,
Node host its OVH 10GB/s UPT,

please feedback me for solve why easy to crash my vps,

And Sorry if my english so bad gramma


  • MaouniqueMaounique Host Rep, Veteran

    it depends on attack, if layer 7, it will crash, good news is that you can mitigate it easily.
    200 kbps should not crash anything otherwise, heck, that is 4x 56k modem speed, unless you mean 200 mbps which is something very different, but, still, should not crash anything 1gbps or higher, unless pps rate is very high.
    KVM also has issues with high packet count, the bridge collapses far easier than in Xen's case, while OVZ does not have this issue, can sustain wire-speed attacks.
    I never tried hyper-v in attack scenarios, so I do not know how it behaves compared with KVM, but it is hard to imagine it will do much worse.
    I suspect your problem is somewhere else and changing virtualization type will not help much.

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