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Help me understand Openstack
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Help me understand Openstack

MuZoMuZo Member

So I've got this project assigned:

1) Understand the architecture of a cloud system to provide services, resources and applications

2) Install and configure an open-source Cloud software (minimum 1 master and 1 node)

3) Configuration of virtual machines (at least one windows and one linux)

4) Configuration and supply of applications (at least microsoft office or openoffice)

5) User configuration and resource assignment

6) Test minimum system resources usage

7) Calculate minimum resources for 500 users

8) Extend the system to 2 nodes, one for applications and one for the storage

9) Integrate login with microsoft active directory users


Suggested software: Opennebula, Openstack

Working environment: vmware workstation - to be later developed to real machines

I'm still stuck at managing "simple" vpses with a control panel like solusvm, proxmox, etc.. and this whole thing is new to me.

I've been told that Openstack does all of that, the problem is that I can't understand how Openstack works. I've been looking for some guides on how to setup it on debian / ubuntu as I preffer them to other linux distributions but I couldn't understand all the components: nova, horizon, etc.. and how they relate to a vps environment.

Any help is appreciated!


  • University project?

  • 0xdragon said: University project?

    Kind of, it's an IT school which does "standard" classes (math, physics, etc..) and professional ones (java programming, system administration, databases, etc..). Sadly all the system administration courses are only about windows server.

  • @MuZo said:

    I'm so jealous :(

    Where is your school?!

  • 0xdragon said: I'm so jealous :(

    Where is your school?!

    Switzerland. Any help on-topic? :)

  • perennateperennate Member, Host Rep
    edited October 2014

    The install guide is pretty complete.

    You only need nova for VM, keystone for users, glance for images (templates and such). Horizon dashboard if desired. Networking can be nova-network or neutron.

    OpenStack modules pretty much just act as a management interface for various services, such as libvirt (nova), qemu-img/related tools (glance), ifconfig/iptables/etc (neutron).

    Edit: nova=compute service, keystone=identity service, glance=image service

    Thanked by 2Blanoz MuZo
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