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ubersmith any one have experience with em?
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ubersmith any one have experience with em?

TazTaz Member
edited July 2012 in General

I know most of you guys are not familiar with it nor it is something related to LEB. But those who might have the experience of running big place,
hows ubersmith? Is there any alternative available for big operation ( managing ips, monitoring network and other basic DC tasks )


  • DamianDamian Member

    Someone around here is running Ubersmith, but I can't remember who it is...

    Regardless, Ubersmith is awesome. They'll work with you directly for any reports or automation you need, and work with you til it's complete. It's well worth the price.

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  • TazTaz Member

    I have been talking with there sales Rep. Really friendly and fun to deal with people. Planning to use em for our workplace. Our custom solution requires too much time to deal with.

  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Host Rep
    edited July 2012

    I would love to use Ubersmith but the cost is insane for a VPS provider. Here's what the sales rep told me:

    Our pricing is primarily based on the number of devices you are managing through Ubersmith's infrastructure monitoring tools. Devices at first count would include all servers, switches and PDUs. We also support Parallels Virtuozzo, Citrix Xenserver and SolusVM. If you are using these technologies, then your virtual machines and virtual hosts will also count as devices.

    Entry points range from $149 / month to $699 / month, and additional fees are based on the number of customers and devices being managed through Ubersmith.

  • TazTaz Member

    @kujoe yes indeed. I am not sure about pricing as that is not my department. How ever, what I have heard, we would be getting a nice good deal. For big operation, that kind of price is worthed. Specially for those who targets highend clienetbase.

    Question : why should a provider monitor vps via ubersmith if provider can do the same using solusvms API?

  • HC_RoHC_Ro Member

    We have been looking into Ubersmith and migrating our WHMCS. The pricing is one of the deciding factors, it is high even if you can afford it. It also seems as if it will be a better fit for managing multiple brands. The overall experience of it cant be compared to WHMCS though if you have less than 10 devices stick with WHMCS.

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  • TazTaz Member

    Whmcs and ubersmith are totally opposite product for what we are trying to achieve. And for our current need and requirements, we would be paying a lot less than paying 10k+ for our billing dev team.

  • PADPAD Member

    Ninjahawk, what company do you run?

  • geeveegeevee Member



    If according to this thread.

  • TazTaz Member
    edited July 2012

    @PAD I do not run but a member of our small decision making group. It is a Multi-state IT solution provider,which apparently I am not allowed to talk about in a public forum ( marketing and public appearance thingy like you know when some one quotes something stupid online, company wont be liable and things). We work for multiple chain stores, local businesses and some schools.

    We have a pretty good offline client base but a huge number of our employees works from a remote position. Till now we have been using our custom souttion to maintain and do our task , with our current growth, it is getting difficult to maintain and fulfill our task and as the economy gets harder, we are cutting into our running costs and in-house dev team is pretty expensive and we are cutting things down to save as much as possible. And this where ubersmith is going to come handy. With ubersmith, we will be saving around 20k+/mo simply on manpower and add additional time as well.

    Special note : I am here to represent my own business not the company I work for as my regular day job. For Future Reference.

  • PADPAD Member
    edited July 2012

    @geevee it seems the same logo

    I'm just confused as to NinjaHawk's '10k+' dev team budget when he appears to run no host :P


    Well to be honest a good development team with a 10k/month budget should be getting you some pretty good work produced, I think its probably more of an issue of who you are hiring than the price you are paying, if you hired the correct people you would have something much more suited to your needs than Ubersmith. Management in a lot of big firms seem to be rather ridiculous at making any decent decision. :(

  • We use for IP Management.

  • TazTaz Member

    @PAD read my post again. I do not own the company I am discussing above.

    And again, this is a rebranded business that you guys are referring to. I my self have been doing hosting business since 2007 while went online on 2008. Our old domain, unfortunately wasn't a great domain that you can work with, we only had the. Net version while others such as. Com, org and rests were taken by domain squatters. Plus it was difficult to make mascots and other branding things so after 3+ years me and my cousin ( who apparently is the legit owner of our hosting business), decided to change how things are working and get a nice domain , try out a new business model and make a bold move.

  • TazTaz Member

    @William gestioip is a great piece of software when it comes to IP management and subnetting and such. But it is not the all in a box solution we are after.

  • mikhomikho Member, Host Rep

    The company I work for have decided to split things up and lopk for one product per use.
    For monitoring we use prtg from paessler.
    Ip management we have some webbased software that I cant remember the name of.
    Support and helpdesk, asset management we use sysaid.

    The list goes on, find your needs and then find the product that does exactly that.

    Thanked by 1Taz
  • jhjh Member

    I ran Uber for some time - PM me if you have any questions :)

  • qhosterqhoster Member
    edited July 2012

    Ubersmith is awesome just the license price is not for everybody. Not like WHMCS cheapness :) Integration is not that easy also.

    Companies which use Ubersmith with nice integration:

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