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OVH VPS activation issues
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OVH VPS activation issues

I just obtained details of OVH VPS and tried to order a VPS, they asked so many documents for verification, I had mailed them everything they asked.

After sending this I had waited for sometime, thought of browsing their forum, got upset by seeing that many are frowning there for long time without their VPS activation.

What is the normal time of activation?

Does any of LET users have experience with them, are they really good to use? Support seems to be non existent, right?


  • near 1 month

    i got 3 weeks to verify them

  • they will not send you confirmation that everything is ok check on your order invoice do payment buttons appear... When you pay then you account become active


  • @coolice said:
    they will not send you confirmation that everything is ok check on your order invoice do payment buttons appear... When you pay then you account become active

    My experience was different since the time exceeded the invoice expiry so they sent confirmation along with a new invoice.

  • I had not paid yet, the payment link is not working for me so no problem let them verify years together. Is it a good company if this process itself takes months together how the support and service will be

  • Why not just go with a LET provider that has offers in OVH?

  • I'll give you some hints:

    1 Make sure that all your details resemble the documents provided

    2 Don't pay via PayPal

    3 Open a ticket inside your old client account ( - Support) and attach all requested documents.

    I've achieved verification within 1 working day. Enjoy.

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  • I had activated this yesterday, its working fine now, is it a good vps to host few wordpress blogs? Will it work? How about their support?

  • BlanozBlanoz Member
    edited November 2014

    You should use AT LEAST nginx in front of your apache, or even better, varnish or something similar.

  • Yes i am using Nginx in the server I had installed vestacp which installed this all

  • @programer said:
    How about their support?

    With OVH you will learn that support is the most costly thing in this business...

    I like OVH cause they teach the customers to that :) Expect 20-48 hours for answers... only once on some mad luck I got 4 hours response... and than after that 24 hours again :)

    I was need support to verify some things when I moving part of my biz to their servers...

    I read that in proven hardware emergency they are fast at acceptable levels but knocking on wood i do not need to verify that myself and prefer not to ...

  • @coolice: If that is the case how people are using their service? Just for low cost?

  • Maybe people choose the vz option for the price, it is a bit limited .... but on VMware you got the tools to do it yourself ... if you are serious about your web site you will choose their cloud vps it is build to be redundant and pay additionally for the 14 days backup done with Veeam and for the snapshot option and every time before do changes for which outcome you are unsure you will do snapshot first... and got a fresh copy to restore

    In my case, I move to them several months ago I use them for dedi provider, I got hardware raid but as a new customer i was unsure what their os installer do trough the install process cause it's showing that it will create raid partition on some point (which is for soft raid models) and I do not want to proceed with OS install before get the answers cause money back is valid only if do not have installed os... took me 3 days... for 3-4 ticket exchange...

    but any way network is stable ddos protection work and the hardware is ok hope it will go that way...

    P.S With my old DC (Iweb) I talk with support 3 times for 8 years - twice for drive changes and once for reinstall...

  • Many resellers around, why not buy from reseller without this assfingering routine?

  • @ fitvpn: Any list of resellers?

  • Look into WHT and LET bit closer..

  • vpslegendvpslegend Member
    edited November 2014

    @programer said:
    coolice: If that is the case how people are using their service? Just for low cost?

    Just go with a decent VPS provider who has an OVH location. If you need the VPS in Canada then choose otherwise is fine for France. OVH reply quickly only if you have PRO support option. Free DDoS protection, awesome control panel & more value is what makes them distinct from others. They have 700000 customers & host 200000+ dedicated servers. Support is limited because this is what they cut to be able to provide cheap servers.

  • Is verelox a reseller because few of their packages are direct package

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