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Gridspot - Free Ubuntu instances... - Page 2
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Gridspot - Free Ubuntu instances...



  • Hmm what if I would use this as a reverse proxy? Hmmm

  • TaylorTaylor Member

    @Spencer said: Hmm what if I would use this as a reverse proxy

    Then you would be using the gridspot network as all traffic goes through them.

  • @Taylor said: @Liam it wouldn't be worth it mining with CPUs I believe you have to use GPUs to make it very worth while.

    Yep that is correct.

  • yomeroyomero Member
    Each instance can make outgoing HTTP, HTTPS, and SSH connections. Other ports are blocked. All network traffic is proxied through a central data center we maintain.
  • yomeroyomero Member
    edited July 2012

    Just to tell you
    My account was closed for some unknown reason... heh! And I was just starting one instance at time.

    What can I say, the network is crap. The uptime is crap. The disk space is less than 200MB per instance. Is useless unless your project can fit with this specs.

    Edit: I tried to login again today, and it worked o_O Dunno what happened :S

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