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Dedicated Host?
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Dedicated Host?

HalfEatenPieHalfEatenPie Veteran
edited July 2012 in General

Ok so I was wondering if anyone ever got one of those $10/month from Turnkey Internet when they had their New Datacenter promotion ($10/month for an Atom server). I'm wondering how is it and what are you doing with it. Also anyone else who got a nice deal off of them with that I'd also like to know.



  • rm_rm_ IPv6 Advocate, Veteran
    edited July 2012

    I think they had maybe 1 or 2 in stock of those (if any at all). That's more of a promotion, they hope the customers will say "ah crap I missed that one, oh well, let's check out the other deals". Personally I think it's a dishonest practice.

    Regarding dedicated servers, the next best deal you can get, is the Kimsufi 2G. What would you do with it? The same things you would with a VPS, except that you've got massively more storage and all the CPU, RAM and I/O are only yours. :3

  • jarjar Patron Provider, Veteran

    Having read almost nothing about them, something about turnkey just rubs me the wrong way. I have this gut feeling that they like to draw people in and screw them over. I don't even know why.

  • @rm_ I'd get a Kimsufi 2G if it was in the US

  • earlearl Member

    Hetzner also has some lowend dedi.. not sure if anyone can order from them or you have to be in Europe?

    @jarland said: Having read almost nothing about them, something about turnkey just rubs me the wrong way. I have this gut feeling that they like to draw people in and screw them over. I don't even know why.

    I have a reseller account from them.. just sitting idle.. but I do get the impression that they cater to those make money internet marketers type clients..

  • AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Patron Provider, Veteran

    Around 8 months ago, they had some promtion for huge discounts on their VPS. The same discount, applied on the whole order, so I made an order with 5 extra IPs, cpanel license and 2GB VPS for around 11$. Migrated some personal sites on there. Around a week after that, my VPS gets turned off, then suspended. The support claims I got hit by a couple of gbps DDoS attack that damaged their whole network and they are terminating me, with no refund. If I recall correctly, their support staff even refused to give me back my files. It was a long, long night. At the end, I mentioned i would review them at a couple of forums and include all the information I had, as well as include a copy of the ticket. Eventually it got escalated to the manager and finally my request to nullroute the other IPs and asign me a new one, to be able to pull my files was fullfield, after mentioning to him that I am highly disapointed and that I will write an intensive review first thing in the morning.

    Honestly, I forgot what exactly happened, however no sign of ddos attack were shown and the way they threated me at the begining was horrid. I never even thought of ordering something from them again and neither bothered doing a bad review for them.

  • MaouniqueMaounique Host Rep, Veteran

    That is terrible, making up a pretext for terminating a client is bad enough, but not giving access to the files that is just horrible. Sure, back-ups and all, but wtf...

  • I got one of the 75% discount of TurnketInternet VPS.
    VPS Speed is good, but not stable. Sent them one ticket, but they claimed that I'm placed in the best server, and they never had any complaint about it.

    So, yesterday I try it again, and continuously disconnected. I ended by cancelling it.

  • pcanpcan Member

    I have a Turnkey Internet 512 Mb Xen HVM VPS since november. I bought it with the 75% discount for 12 months prepaid, the price was really good. They have many Windows ISO's as standard in SolusVM, even the Windows 7 professional ISO. The performance was bad at first, but it got better after a network upgrade. VPS speed is now mostly good, but not stable; the CPU is a Intel E5504 but sometimes the speed drop below Atom level (and RDP session disconnects). This rarely happened lately, I see a trend toward the solution of the issue. At 75% discount, the price is right; the regular price is way too high. According to the TOS, invoice will be issued before the subscription renewal date and the discount is not recurring (at least in my case).

  • earlearl Member


    Hmm.. this is the second time I signed up with Turnkeyinternet having heard that I'm thinking I should cancel my reseller! bought it a couple months ago but have not use it for anything.. they also have this clause about being charged for blacklisting their IP, of the 5 IP's I ordered 3 were already blacklisted!! I pointed it out to them just to be sure they wont be able to charge me.. something like $150 per IP..

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