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WHMCS inside a hosting package ?
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WHMCS inside a hosting package ?

I was thinking that, maybe it's possible to add an internal WHMCS license in a shared hosting provider making this the cheapest option ?

This is coz I have different WHMCS installs and it's quite expensive to owe 3 or 4 licenses for different projects.

What u guys think ?


  • better go for blesta it works equally good. and their license on / license pal is cheaper. Also they have multiple companies option in same license

  • In this case I'm using a specific module for WHMCS :(

    But I can move other licenses ....

  • If you have a common brand name or theme you could buy a domain name and use it just for one WHMCS license for all your brands?

  • Search WebHostingTalk for cheap reseller plans. You'll usually get some good deals on them.

    I also agree with @linuxthefish get a domain that'll match your brand and just use 1 WHMCS License.

  • Not possible to use just one panel, different projects, different panels

  • mikhomikho Member, Host Rep

    that would get you hosting space and a license but would you really want to share your customers information on a shared environment like that ?

  • Don't want MikHo, but it's a money issue at the moment ....

  • mikhomikho Member, Host Rep

    I checked the reseller options on WHT and found this :
    I've tried InnoHosting before and was satisfied with what I got.
    Cheapest package ( with coupon ) is $11.86/month (including WHMCS)

    4 WHMCS installations == $47,44/month

    If you go with Crissic who resells WHMCS you get a VPS for $12/year and each WHMCS license is $10.30/month

    4 WHMCS installations == $42,20/month

    difference is $5/month....

    Thanked by 1KeyJey
  • I'll share my 4 cents:

    Found an interesting provider that offers you any reseller plan for $1USD for the 1st month, so u can see that support and servers optimization is good.

    After that month, u choose the simplest reseller package (witch doesn't include WHMCS) but every WHMCS license is $8 per month, witch sounds really good ! :)

    U can choose hosting in US (Atlanta) or UK.

  • has a multi-brand addon module.

  • mikhomikho Member, Host Rep

    KeyJey said: every WHMCS license is $8 per month, witch sounds really good ! :)

    that sounds very nice but after the first month the cheapest package is 16,95/month on top of the 8 / WHMCS installation.
    doing the math it adds up to 16,95 + (4*8) == 48,95/month after the first month

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