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Blocking p2p (torrent) traffic on my OpenVpn Access Server
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Blocking p2p (torrent) traffic on my OpenVpn Access Server

I have a VPS with crissic solutions.I am using an openvpn solution to get pass my univeristies restriction.However I dont want my user using VPN for torrent .They can do other activities but should not use torrent
FYI also if there is a solution to use openvpn and still my servers manager (Crissic Solutions) dont know that I am torrenting :-P It would be preferred


  • use iptables to block incoming/outgoing port
    "Randomize port each start makes BitTorrent select a random port between 1000 and 65000 to use at startup. Note that this option might conflict with your port forwarding settings, so if you manually open ports in your router and firewall, it's best to leave this option disabled."

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