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tell me your thoughts.
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tell me your thoughts.

daimonbdaimonb Member
edited October 2011 in General

Unsure if in right category but sure you will shout at me if not lol.

so my idea for our next let/leb offer....

£1.50 a month base system xen/solusvm/uk which you get
128mb ram
100 GB Bandwith
1x ip
plus ipv6 (unsure how many at this stage)

Then you upgrade what you need so;
£1 a month per extra 128MB Ram
£1 a month per 10 GB HDD

Please note this is not an offer yet just want to gather some opinions.



  • Some providers (we) already have such plans. I can tell you our experience: most people usually want the cheapest possible plan and thats all. Some of those who know what they want choose the highly configurable plan, but not many. It seems that too many options to choose from confuse many of the users.

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  • I calculate it this way: £1.5= $2 , and if I suppose getting it with 256 ram, then £2.5= $3.35 which is good offer for XEN.

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  • Okay so were gonna post a regular offer and if people need upgrades they can just raise a ticket.

  • Market it as some sort of building blocks maybe?

    On a personal note, I won't go below 256. I'd rather have the room just in case.

    Thanked by 2daimonb tux
  • Offer posted :) in offers section of course.

  • one last question am setting up scranton node next week.
    how about buy one uk or usa and get other location free? There again how many would need two vps's? never mind answered my own question lol

  • I would have jumped on that offer :|
    But yeah, not many people would require the geographical location diversity.

  • I would probably jump on that offer too... even though I don't really need any more VPS's ;P


  • will look into :p

  • Agree with @Kuro even though I don't have a need presently I would jump on the buy1-get1 offer.

  • daimonbdaimonb Member
    edited October 2011

    But would you pay the £3.99 a month for it? and would you be ok with openvz? have to take these into consideration prior to offering.

  • daimonbdaimonb Member
    edited October 2011

    for £3.99 you would get 128mb (xen) or 256 (openvz) 20 gb hdd and 200 gb bandwith in both uk and usa locations. nothing definite just toying with plans and prices.

  • I understand its not an actual offer yet. Good you ask for potential client input though. Difficult to say which one I would take, assuming your ovz nodes are not oversold, I like more RAM but I don't have any xen yet ... my dilemma if this offer was real. Still I think it is a good deal for 2 LEBs. I would think you will at least create some buzz with it and increase your client base.

  • just have to make sure its worth doing though dont want to end up with a node that is losing me money. lol

    I have only just posted an offer today as well so will have to wait at least 14 days before reposting an offer unless lea will put new offer on leb? and also why not have openvz in one location and xen in other i already have openvz and xen in uk so would just make another xen in scranton - oh no scrap that my openvz nodes are using hypervm and xen using solus, note to self must convert hypervm to solus lol

  • @daimonb: I would go for the Xen offer, depending on the swap. However, I probably won't be able to get it right now because I don't need them yet. But if it's an on-going offer rather than promotional, I may take up on the offer later on :)

  • you have definitely given me food for thought just to get you even more excited i can offer ipv6 in both locations. and it would defo be xen/solusvm would do 128 mb and 128mb swap £3.99 - reason only way for you guys to control both uk & usa vps from one control panel as i dont yet have time to convert the other node to solus. if we have at least 20 ppl by monday wanting this deal i will set it all up for defo. +1 if you want. even if you would want it in the future. and just remember if you see this offer elsewhere i fetched it to let first (copying buggers) lol

  • scranton server ordered :)

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