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[Testing] Minstall Version 2.0 Testing, Suggestions & Bug Reporting - Page 2
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[Testing] Minstall Version 2.0 Testing, Suggestions & Bug Reporting



  • If you you take take a look in the extras folder I've already made an installation script:)

  • zserozsero Member
    edited July 2012

    Ok, I didn't look in there.

    • does it work with no directory added? I'd prefer to install phpmyadmin on a subdomain on it's own, with no subdirectory added.

    There is a bug in configure-upgrade: clean common should be the last one, not the first one, that's the whole point :-)

    php_max_input_time might be required for long uploads (just in the docs), here is a question I've asked in SO:

    Possibly with nginx it's not required, but I haven't done testing myself.

    An other possible bug: isn't it a problem that the www-data is not removed until the user requires it? I mean the default host option is there, as well as the protect module, what doesn't work on www-data. Shouldn't it be removed by default, as well as cleaned with the clean script?

  • zserozsero Member

    Also, the most important feature request: can you make it run like this?

    bash -u install-extra-repositories

    bash -u clean-packages

    The best of both worlds!

    And an other important feature request: can you implement changing of the SSH port in configure-ssh? I've seen that you had some code in minstall 1.0 but it was commented out for some reason.

  • Will be using this after work; always wanted PMA working from a simple bash xxxxxx rather than the tedious task of installing PMA...

  • zserozsero Member

    bash manage-remove-host-system needs to be run after install to fix a bug (already reported to max).

  • I'll hold off until it's fixed @zsero!

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