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[US] Stylex Networks - Cloud VPS | 90% OFF 1st MONTH | Xen & OnApp | FREE AnyCast DNS
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[US] Stylex Networks - Cloud VPS | 90% OFF 1st MONTH | Xen & OnApp | FREE AnyCast DNS

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StyleXNetworks' cloud VPS servers have enterprise-class resilience, with multi-layered security, a self-healing architecture and automatic hypervisor failover. This saves valuable time and helps ensure maximum uptime for you.

We're offering free AnyCast DNS service (85 PoPs, 34 countries) to new and existing customers.

Benefits of AnyCast DNS:

Increased Reliability
Load Balancing
Improved Performance
Enhanced Security
Localized Impact of DoS Attacks
Simplified Client Configuration
Increased Availability

All Cloud VPS plans are semi-managed, if you require any technical assistance we will be more than happy to point you towards the right direction and give you advice.

Tiny Cloud VPS - $0.30 First Month, $2.95 thereafter Use Coupon: LET90
128 MB RAM
5 GB HDD RAID-10 centralized storage
300 GB Bandwidth per month (100 Mbps port)
1 IPv4 Address
Free AnyCast DNS
Free /64 block of IPv6 (On request)
OnApp Cloud platform
Order link

Small Cloud VPS - $0.50 First Month, $4.99 thereafter Use Coupon: LET90
256 MB RAM
10 GB HDD RAID-10 centralized storage
1000 GB Bandwidth per month (100 Mbps port)
1 IPv4 Address
Free AnyCast DNS
Free /64 block of IPv6 (On request)
OnApp Cloud platform
Order link

Cpanel/WHM - $10/mo
Free Migration
Plesk unlimited domains - $10/mo
Plesk Power Pack - $5/mo
Additional IP - $1/mo (Justification may be required for more than 5 IP's)
Operating Systems - List of templates

Hardware Specifications for each hypervisor:
CPU: Dual Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5620
RAM: DDR3 1066 ECC
Storage: Centeralized SAN storage
Hypervisors are connected through multiple 1Gbps ports (Individual VPS runs on max 100 Mbps port)

Our Network
Data Center - MultaCOM Located In Los Angles, California (West Coast)

Ping Test:

Speed Test: 50MB, 100MB, 500MB

Accept Payment Methods
Credit Card - VISA, MasterCard, Discover, VISA/MC debit cards.
Google Checkout

Contact Us
Phone: 1-855-4STYLEX (478-9539) M-F (9 AM - 6 PM EST.) - Billing & Sales inquires only
Live Chat - Billing & Sales inquires only
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

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  • Is the 256mb plan the same as the free one was?

  • @djvdorp

    Bandwidth has been increased from 50GB/Mo to 1000GB/Mo

  • SurgeSurge Member


    Anycast DNS is cool, but you need to list the nameservers so we can see if it helps at all. Details on how many pops you have an their locations would help too.

  • @kkmlk

    We have 50+ PoP locations.

    Name servers will be listed in your user panel once you sign up for the service.

  • @stylexnetworks said: We have 50+ PoP locations.

    Care to share these locations ? :D

  • @DanielM

    85 PoPs, 34 countries

    Amsterdam (2)
    Atlanta (2)
    Cape Town
    Chicago (3)
    Copenhagen (2)
    Dallas (2)
    Dublin (2)
    Ho Chi Minh City
    Hong Kong
    Istanbul (2)
    Kuala Lumpur
    London (6)
    Los Angeles (4)
    Miami (2)
    New Delhi
    Rancho Cordova
    Saint Petersburg
    Salt Lake City (2)
    San Diego
    Sao Paulo
    St Asaph
    Toronto (2)

  • NanoG6NanoG6 Member

    This is nice.. You even have pop at Jakarta.

  • @NanoG6

    We also have 57 POPs for our CDN service.

    City Country
    Cluj Napoca RO
    Dublin IE
    Zurich CH
    Goteborg SE
    Chicago US
    Villeurbanne FR
    Madrid ES
    Athens GR
    London GB
    Tokyo JP
    Salt Lake City US
    Los Angeles US
    Atlanta US
    Cape Town ZA
    Kiev UA
    Oslo NO
    Washington US
    Scranton US
    Los Angeles US
    Moscow RU
    Bursa TR
    Istanbul TR
    Ankara TR
    Hamilton CA
    Manchester GB
    Los Angeles US
    Vaxjo SE
    Frankfurt DE
    Chicago US
    Madaba JO
    Saint Petersburg RU
    Moscow RU
    Dallas US
    Berlin DE
    Milan IT
    Lisbon PT
    Barcelona ES
    Helsinki FI
    Gdansk PL
    London GB
    London GB
    Rancho Cordova US
    San Diego US
    Dublin IE
    Amsterdam NL
    Phoenix US
    Istanbul TR
    St Asaph GB
    Warsaw PL
    Brussels BE
    Copenhagen DK
    Copenhagen DK
    Budapest HU
    Aarhus DK
    Riga LV
    Prague CZ
    Ashburn US

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  • flyfly Member

    i'm not really a fan of onapp.

    anycast seems interesting tho. the pricing seems pretty reasonable.

  • edited July 2012

    Will give this a try. Ordered one :)

    Asked for scan of ID. Please wait, will send it

  • SurgeSurge Member

    @stylexnetworks - that's a lot of pops, but can we have some sample ns hosts / ips, so we can ping them from various locations? Also, is secondary also on anycast?

  • edited July 2012


    Pinging is disabled due to security and DDoS prevention.

    All 4 NS are on AnyCast

  • SurgeSurge Member

    Also, your list has a lot of duplicates:
    {'London GB': 3, 'Los Angeles US': 3, 'Chicago US': 2, 'Istanbul TR': 2, 'Dublin IE': 2, 'Moscow RU': 2, 'Copenhagen DK': 2, ..}

  • edited July 2012


    Correct, there are multiple locations within one country.

    AnyCast: 85 PoPs
    CDN: 57 PoPs

  • SurgeSurge Member
    edited July 2012

    @stylexnetworks said: Correct, there are multiple locations within one country.

    Um, those are duplicates per city, not sure what's the logic behind that.

    @stylexnetworks said: You can ping the following

    None of them respond to pings. How are we supposed to evaluate if your anycast dns is any good?

    Also, all of ns[1-4] end up having identical traces, which is not a good thing, they are supposed to be on different networks.

    Edit: Anyway, for a free addon everything looks great.

  • edited July 2012


    The closer your servers are located to your users, the less latency they will see at their end. In addition, having sufficient geographical coverage can indirectly improve end-to-end latency. Our DNS is hosted in data centers worldwide, and uses anycast routing to send users to the data center that is the closet geographically.

    Trace results will be identical since the response will always be from the closest server to you geographically.

    Also for more information regarding AnyCast: Wiki

  • SurgeSurge Member
    edited July 2012

    The reason for having a secondary dns in the first place is so that if the primary is down (which could be due to network) the secondary can still be contacted. If the routes to both are identical, this redundancy is gone. I understand it's not your fault and just how OnApp set things up.

    The correct setup either uses the secondary w/o anycast or uses disjunct sets of pops for primary and secondary (like some other anycast dns providers do).

    And in this instance the anycast isn't very good anyway - closest pop to Hetzner is about 165ms away for example. Or try tracerouting from Moscow (, you'll get the routing going to France despite two pops in Moscow.

    Anyway, as I said, it is still good enough for a free addon.

  • "anycast" DNS :))

    traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
     1 (  2.204 ms  9.613 ms  12.540 ms
     2 (  9.664 ms  6.031 ms  8.143 ms
     3 (  190.317 ms  197.786 ms  181.009 ms
     4 (  180.030 ms  180.376 ms  183.064 ms
     5 (  182.757 ms (  194.730 ms (  187.144 ms
     6 (  111.902 ms (  121.359 ms  126.300 ms
     7 (  193.040 ms  205.890 ms (  207.134 ms
     8 (  183.175 ms  184.541 ms  179.951 ms
     9 (  182.677 ms (  186.022 ms (  184.845 ms
    10 (  192.156 ms (  188.271 ms  183.393 ms
    11 (  195.177 ms  184.534 ms  195.703 ms
    12 (  185.210 ms *
  • Could I install pptp vpn on the vps for myself use only?
    Seems my vps rebuild itself once.

  • @hiphiphip

    Yes you can as long as it is being used for legal purposes.

    In regards to your machine rebuilding it self, please open a support ticket and one of our technicians will look further into this for you.

  • LAKidLAKid Member

    vps just got offline.

  • @LAKid

    I apologize for the inconvenience. I can see that you have opened a support ticket, one of our technicians will look into this for you.

    Please note that posting in here regarding technical issues will not get your issue resolved any faster.

  • earlearl Member
    edited July 2012

    I signed up .. but it seems they require ID verification so I ended up just cancelling... this is actually the first time I have ever been asked for verification, too bad would have like to try out onapp.. but I'm sure not gonna send ID for some company I don't even know!!

  • @earl

    I sincerely apologize however we randomly select orders and request ID verification. This is to prevent fraud and to also protect our customer's privacy.

  • earlearl Member


    Your company your rules.. I understand completely.. but you should mention that you require ID verification so we know ahead of time..

  • @earl

    I sincerely apologize however such information will not be given out to the public prior to singing up. This is standard procedure for majority of companies to prevent fraud. Random orders are selected to go through further verification. At this point the customer has the right to decline to provide any documentation that is requested, however a full refund will be issued.

  • DimeCadmiumDimeCadmium Member
    edited July 2012

    @stylexnetworks said: I sincerely apologize however such information will not be given out to the public prior to singing up. This is standard procedure for majority of companies to prevent fraud

    Refusing to tell people "some customers will be selected for ID verification" is NOT standard procedure, sorry.

    Also, no, most companies do NOT do random selection, they look at a list of things wrong with the person's order and decide whether or not to require ID.

    Thanked by 1earl
  • edited July 2012


    We do everything in our power to prevent fraud.

    We require ID verification on randomly selected orders and orders that are flagged by our automated system. Such information will not be given out to the customer prior to singing up, this allows us to report fraudulent activities.

    Many companies do not have rigorous fraud prevention policies set in place, we do.

    I apologize if this is an inconvenience for you, however the customer has the right to decline any documentation requested. At this point a full refund will be issued.

    This subject will not be discussed here any further, if you any specific questions or issues you are more than welcome to contact us directly.

  • earlearl Member

    Having to send Goverment issued ID is a bit extreme in opinion.. maybe SMS verification would have been better, I would have done that no problem!!

  • @earl

    This specific feature is already in the process of being implemented.

    Thanked by 1earl
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