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possible to enable rsync backup server to pull from windows rdp?
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possible to enable rsync backup server to pull from windows rdp?

akzakz Member

i have a rdp setup on my ks server and there is a specific folder on the machine where I have documents I work on. Is there any way for me to use rsync on my backup server (ubuntu) to pull and sync that folder from the windows machine? (automated)


  • Install Cygwin to the Windows box and set sshd running as a service. Use rsync normally over ssh connection.

  • I would recommend WingSSH , it's a small cost software that you can install on a Windows Server Operating System, that will install a CURRENT VERSION of OpenSSH server, and the basic *nix utilities required to work with it (bash/sh, rsync, scp, ssh, tar, zip, gz, etcetera.) It's a must-get for making Windows behave in a *nix environment.

  • Deltacopy is a rsync wrapper and can run as a Windows service (like a normal rsync daemon). It doesn't require Cygwin and is open source. I've used it on my server. The main issue is the permissions (not Windows compatible), so make sure to run chown afterwards (or don't sync them).

  • why not owncloud?

  • You may try Free Windows Powershellserver as a ssh server,

    and rsync windows edition.

  • I'm personally a fan of btsync right now for simple multiplatform syncing.

  • dropbox?

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