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1.99 IP blocked by Google services?
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1.99 IP blocked by Google services?

Just finally got around to setting up the cheap server from Seems all good so far apart from the fact that Google has rate limited the email?

I've checked the ip against black lists and it seems fine but i cannot email my personal gmail account without the mail.log giving errors about unsolicited email and being rate limited.

Does that perma block emails or simply delay them for x period of time does anyone know?


  • It delays then from sending.

    This happens a lot and its nothing to worry about unless you need those emails straight away.

    I would suggest SMTPing all mail from the box through another service.

  • @athk it's just for email linked to my domain really. I did run it before from another provider.

    Gmail blocks the ip and pits any emails into spam..

    Any suggestions on which service you would use personally?

  • I use Google apps in all honesty, so I've never had an issue.

    If you can use use Google apps great, if not try Zoho I thinks it's called...

    The rate limit stuff happens at my work too a few servers refuse to send for a while.. this is probably due to the multiple forwards we have for client emails to Gmail...

  • @krs360 said:

    Any suggestions on which service you would use personally?

    Mandrill, provided your not actually spamming.

  • mandrill is quite fine, I am using it either.

    If not mistaken first 12K email/month is free

    plus the rate is pretty cheap

  • @wych not at all.

    Signed up to Mandrill today, which seems to work quite nicely. The emails came through from last night with a 10-12 hour delay. It's only really for my own personal domains email at present. Don't have the time that I used to for various projects sadly.

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