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Interesting/strange network behaviour from SemoWeb
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Interesting/strange network behaviour from SemoWeb

epaslvepaslv Member
edited July 2012 in General

Yesterday, we cancelled our renewal for one of our LEBs with SemoWeb. We were using it for a mail relay server and have moved it to another server.

Some mail is still going through our SemoWeb LEB while the propagation has completed, but we have noticed, since we put the cancellation in, some strange behaviour. We notice that in the mail logs all SMTP connections are now comming from the same ip address
which is

So, it appears as though all SMTP traffic to our LEB is now filtered, and we are getting a proxied connection.

Why would they be doing this?


  • to stop potential spam. spammers often buy leb's

  • That would be the VPS control panel node, did your VPS ever cancel?

  • epaslvepaslv Member
    edited July 2012

    The VPS cancellation date was set to end of billing cycle (in about 6 weeks from now), so no the VPS is not cancelled.

    I would not have thought that there would be any operational changes until then.

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