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UptimeVPS - France - node: hotel - 36hrs DOWN!
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UptimeVPS - France - node: hotel - 36hrs DOWN!

DigitalPureDigitalPure Member
edited October 2011 in General

Anyone else having issues with UptimeVPS in France on Node: Hotel. I have had a hardware issue for nearly 36hrs (according to their tech). Ticket #878429 (for UptimeVPS). The worst part is that I cannot get a reply from them. Anyone else have this issue or experience?


  • Hmmm, open a new ticket :P

    Ken has been fast with my tickets

  • First reply was 7hrs and now silent. I opened another ticket and referenced the first one. Frustrating :(

  • I warned you, you don't believe me, their domain name to still have a month expired, a low price VPS now promotion.

  • your case seems in datacenter side, and probably they haven't got anything in their hand, just waiting like you. So, most likely this case isn't an indicator for THE END, if there's a close one anyway.

  • Their client portal is inaccessible from my side most of the time. It's quite difficult to post support tickets.

  • I never had problems. And btw, at this moment is up.

  • Yes. It's accessible now.

  • yeah THEIR site up... still no replies to emails to support@ sales@ billing@ abuse@ and after logging in and opening 3 tickets through their portal. I think that this is the sign of the end for me with them. Need a provider that will reply at least within a few hours, not 1-2 days later if the server is down.

    Cancel & Refund request is submitted.

  • Well, they've been fast for me. may be just bad luck then?

  • they were fast for me, if not to say instant and i never had any problems.
    i got like 30 different services with them, i think u r just making bad publicity

  • I am not trying to trash them if you see I asked if others are having the same issue. I finally got them to reply after more then 24hrs and they notified me that the entire "hotel" node is having issues due to a power issue at the DC.

    I wish them all the luck.

  • I got 15 VPS' with them, all online. zero downtime so far.

  • Hi, There is currently a power supply issue on the node hotel. Regards, Ken UptimeVPS. ---------------------------------------------- Ticket ID: #970109 Subject: View Ticket #878429

  • I am glad everyone else is having a good experience with them... Sounds like this is a fluke for me (and a few others). I have other servers with OVH and they are up and down so I am sure it is more of a DC issue then a provider issue.

  • SpiritSpirit Member
    edited October 2011

    ztec said: I got 15 VPS' with them have the guts! :)

  • I hope ztec will be sharing his experience in one or two months n_n just to see

  • I have one vps with them too (or had, I've sent in cancellation request) too much downtime for me to tolerate. Fluke or no fluke. A few hours of downtime, arg..but fine...36+hours ....nope...that's unacceptable regardless of who is to blame.

  • yomero said: I hope ztec will be sharing his experience in one or two months n_n just to see

    Hehe, yea I will. I'm still skeptic as well, but even for a month the price isn't too much and I suddenly needed more VPS' so I just gave it a try.

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