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thttpd with concurrent requests
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thttpd with concurrent requests


A few people have said that when they tried thttpd, it ate up the VM's resources when handling concurrent requests. Just wondering if it may have been OpenVZ's virtual mapping limit (privvmpages) and if so, did you try tuning DESIRED_MAX_MAPPED_FILES and DESIRED_MAX_MAPPED_BYTES in the thttpd configuration? Or is there some kind of horrible bug in thttpd?


  • Why thttpd ? Why not any other thing? (lighty, nginx, etc.)

  • I dont think thttpd is under development anymore. But I did have some great benchmarks using it in the late 90's!

  • They are comparing thttpd with Apache 1.3, pre-fork from 1998 running on a 100MHz processor. Lot's have changed since then.

  • Last Updated 1998 !!! That is terrible !! Who use that ?

  • Actually thttpd was last released in 2003. There is a fork project with a 2006 release. For a small httpd for a low traffic site (read that as low probability of truly concurrent connections), it's more than adequate.

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