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CPanel VS Kloxo
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CPanel VS Kloxo

JeffreyJeffrey Member
edited June 2012 in General

OK, I know that these two are not comparable since one is Open-Source and one is Closed-Source and paid.. Anyways, when you are looking for shared hosting, does it matter what control panel you get? Do you personally like CPanel more than Kloxo or is it the other way around? I, personally prefer Kloxo over CPanel, hence why I only offer Shared Kloxo Hosting. If I decide to switch to offering Shared CPanel hosting, do you think I would get more sales?

Reasons Why I Like Kloxo:
Easy To Setup
Easy To Manage
Low On Resources
Can Use Lighttpd instead of Apache
Able to switch to myisam from innodb

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  • jarjar Member, Patron Provider
    edited June 2012

    Your sales probably aren't dependent on your control panel of choice. Your ability to maintain it is more important to the client, or so my experience would lead me to believe. Personally, I prefer cPanel. Sure Kloxo is far more attractive, more intuitive, and in some ways easier to use. However, in Texan speak, cPanel is the gas guzzling SUV that I want and Kloxo is the hybrid car that just can't quite make it up the hill. Where Kloxo fails (stability, security), cPanel succeeds. That can't be said the other way around.

  • earlearl Member

    I like kloxo.. but development seems slow, and it's not even compatible with centos 6 yet!! and I don't think 64 bit is truly supported which really limits it's potential.

  • raindog308raindog308 Administrator

    Alas, cpanel was first and everyone knows it.

    @Jeffrey said: Do you personally like CPanel more than Kloxo or is it the other way around?

    Personally I prefer Dreamhost's custom in-house panel (or for VPSes, Linode's custom in-house panel).

    cPanel is OK and works, but it's ugly. I've found writing extensions for it to be more complicated than it should be.

  • ZeroZero Member
    edited June 2012

    I like both Kloxo and cPanel.
    The only thing I can't imagine is why Kloxo doesn't support CentOS 64bit (or CentOS 6 64bit) out of the box?

    That said, I'm working on my shared hosting control panel that will fits all my needs (even in prevision of future projects)

  • RandyRandy Member
    edited June 2012

    you guys should go easy on Kloxo 's developers, as their CEO Passed away a few years back ( 2007) which is pretty sad.

  • I like DirectAdmin, apart from the install process :)

  • Wolf95Wolf95 Member

    I've been shared hosting with Kloxo since about July of last year, Let me tell you, it takes forever to build up any clientbase, and you can offer the world for dirt and you will still barely acquire any clients. Since July I've just started breaking even now. I only got about 1-2 clients/month for the first few months, which was a pretty big loss. 64-bit isn't that big of a deal, but the fact that you can't run it on CentOS 6 is a pretty big downfall (For some reason the installer doesn't detect output from yum properly and it's unable to install). A couple things I will say Kloxo has going for it, if you're using CentOS 5 x86, and you aren't restoring a backup, things are smooth sailing, but migrating is a nightmare, I just migrated across nodes and it's miserable. Also don't expect much for the distributed part. That being said, Kloxo does save you a considerable amount of money, but the flaws can cause you some serious headaches.

  • rskrsk Member, Host Rep

    I have to admit, clients prefer an easy to use panel - which is laid out well.

    Thus they pick cpanel over kloxo.

  • raindog308raindog308 Administrator

    Truth be told, most of us here are not typical users.

    My sister has a blog and does everything through (a) cPanel, (b) Wordpress admin panel, and (c) FileZilla. She's never logged into a Linux server in her life, though she serves her blog through one.

    If you told me to install Wordpress, I might use cPanel to create the DB, but I'd ssh in for everything else. The vast majority of web users would be lost in nano, much less vi :-)

  • TazTaz Member

    VI? Love it hate it, still the best.

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep

    @NinjaHawk said: VI? Love it hate it, still the best.

    For shared hosting clients 'eh?

    But I do agree, although I prefer nano, that for personal use terminal beats all..

  • Lets not all the users are familiar with commands (so not an option most of the time :() when you look for a Shared Hosting most of the companies offer Cpanel(seems to be easy), Kloxo(if you never try it you will say wt... is this).

    so it doesn't matter what you choose, because you can solve problems with tutorials and a knowledge base(better if those are videos).

  • connercgconnercg Member
    edited June 2012

    I am in the processing of switching from Kloxo to ZPanel because of development activity and support. I use CPanel for paid services and use ZPanel for 'best effort' services.

    ZPanel is in the process of having a full security audit done on the ZPanel code and WebSec is to provide the audit.

    Version for those who care --

    Server OS:      CentOS  (this is 6 X64 btw)
    Apache Version:     2.2.15
    PHP Version:    5.3.3
    MySQL Version:  5.1.61
    ZPanel Version:     10.0.1
  • My question is Kloxo stable now? I tried it two years ago and it was far from stable.

  • +1 to ZPanel.

    It's a nice open source project, don't hesitate to donate a few bucks to them.

  • @goobert, It has some hiccups, but it runs very stable for me. I run all of my CentOS VPS's that are hosting websites with Kloxo

  • jarjar Member, Patron Provider

    @goobert Sometimes. I never have an issue with it, so long as I never update it. That's why I don't use it beyond toying around.

    I really need to try zpanel. A bit more of a pain to install, but it's not like I don't have time.

  • @jarland I run a free web hosting service using a Kloxo server and it has 58 clients hosted, re-opened earlier this month. I did run into an Apache issue, but I was able to fix it.

  • jarjar Member, Patron Provider

    @Jeffrey I always seem to run into issues where updating it has a high rate of causing an ISE500 error. Admittedly with the hostinabox template. Fresh install I've never left up long enough to need to update it more than twice.

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