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What to do when someone begans to spam with your domain name?
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What to do when someone begans to spam with your domain name?

klikliklikli Member
edited June 2012 in General

There are people constantly uses my domain name in the From: header. I've learnt this from mail failure notices etc. I already have SPF in place. What to do next?


  • rds100rds100 Member

    Nothing. Just wait, they will move on to another domain soon.

  • You wont get listed for that. From experience nothing will happen to you.

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  • jhjh Member

    You could whois the server IP from any bounce emails and report them maybe?

  • lbftlbft Member
    edited June 2012

    I've got a domain that gets a lot of bounces from spammers faking it on their messages.

    I found that adding a proper SPF record helped (with a hard fail on non-matching messages, you don't want a soft fail). Beyond that there's not a whole lot you can do about the email providers that are too stupid to implement SPF checks.

    It sucks having your domain on some scumbag spammer's mail, but on the plus side it's a widespread enough problem that you're not going to get penalised for it.

    I ended up having to turn off the catch-all on the domain, though, seeing all those bounced spams was eroding my sanity.

  • RandyRandy Member

    if you can , take them down. there is nothing you can do besides waiting

  • You can also add DKIM to your domain.

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