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MrAndroidMrAndroid Member
edited September 2011 in General

There's another HumbleBundle on, pay whatever you want for a few indie games. Perfect for any LowEndBoxer

They also have Linux builds for pretty much everything, as well as the source code available. It also helps charity.

And you should really look at the averages.


  • Dips on frozen synapse, what kind of miltiplayer is it? is it cs like as in i can set up my own server?

  • circus said: Dips on frozen synapse, what kind of miltiplayer is it? is it cs like as in i can set up my own server?

    Not sure? It may be P2P

  • If you pay more than the average you will receive the previous Humble Bundle.

    Also, today they added a new game... "TRAUMA" o_O (no idea)

  • I bought it for $5 (I put the money towards the EFF).

  • 4.50 :P

    Money to the kids fundations and some for the site.

  • BoltersdriveerBoltersdriveer Member, LIR
    edited October 2011

    Anyone wants the Humble Bundle 3? I still have one of 'em gift codes in my email that hasn't been activated (since I don't need it anymore). Send me a PM with your email and I'll send you the gift code. ;) Also, if anyone has Steam, feel free to add me on .

    Back on topic, I bought this for $75.90USD ;D .

  • Love the YouTube video:
    "So who makes these terrible videos?"
    Live Chat says:
    uhhhh... What videos? want to do that to a VPS provider.
    Anyway, purchased for $5.50, the extra .50 went to the video.

  • Dibs on the video! It was always the video that makes me laugh. The Humble Bundle 2 singing was hilarious ;P

  • Nothing humble about the millions of dollars they turn out...

  • circus said: what kind of miltiplayer is it? is it cs like as in i can set up my own server?

    It's a 2-player turn-based strategy game, where you give orders to your units covering 5 seconds worth of time and then end your turn. Once the other player ends their turn you get the results back from the server and get to see what happens as both your units and your opponents follow their orders to the letter. It reminds me of an old Maxis game, RoboSport.

    It's a fun game, trying to guess what is going to happen on the next turn and having to plan several seconds worth of movements ahead of time and then watching it all go horribly wrong. Trying to carefully coordinate movements to throw a grenade and wait for it to explode before running into a room never seems to go well :)

    As far as the mechanics of multiplayer, it's more like a Play-By-(E)Mail game. The game settings are all setup between the two players as part of the matchmaking ahead of time, and then the server basically just relays the turn data back and forth between the two players (and acts as storage for the turn data if one/both of the players aren't online). There's 5-6 regional master servers run by the developer, and I don't think there's any way for you to run your own. All it does is act like a dropbox anyway, there's no real control the server op would have.

    It's still a very fun game though, even if it won't give you an extra use for a lowendbox.

    Thanked by 1circus
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