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Assigning a GRE tunnel IP address to an OpenVZ container?
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Assigning a GRE tunnel IP address to an OpenVZ container?

linuxthefishlinuxthefish Member
edited August 2014 in Help

Is there any way to assign the IP address from my GRE tunnel to an openvz container? I've tried "vzctl set ctid --ipadd", but then I can't ping from inside the container.

I've been following the tutorial in and it works fine for adding to the host node (I can ping

This is on a Kimsufi with proxmox if that helps! Adding the GRE tunnel to eth0, vmbr0 or vmbr0:0 does not work either.. :(


  • @Jack said:
    How did you route the GRE internal IP wise?

    When you did ip addr add 192.168.168.x dev gre1

    Did you route a /30 or something larger?

    Just the /30 at both ends!

  • Fixed it (thanks Jack), for anyone else that might have this issues route however many IP's you are going to have on the containers and don't assign them the same IP as the host node!

  • linuxthefishlinuxthefish Member
    edited June 2015

    What could cause this error?

    vps-net_add ERROR: Unable to get source ip [gre1]

    EDIT: Forgot to set an IP on gre1, whoops!

    Thanked by 1TinyTunnel_Tom
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