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Windows VPS Needed
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Windows VPS Needed

BlazeMuisBlazeMuis Member
edited June 2012 in General

Whats Up!

I'm in need of a windows VPS
Required specs:
Location: Doesn't matter
Memory/RAM: Minimal 256MB
OS: Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 or 2008
Traffic: 75GB or More at 5mbps minimal
Price: Under $4 monthly

It can also be a promo for the first month, because i only need it for like 3 weeks

I hope someone can help me out with this :)


  • rds100rds100 Member

    I doubt you can get the windows license for under $4/month.

  • Just get a KVM VPS and put a cracked Windows on it. You shouldn't have any problems with that

  • It can also be a promo for the first month only need it for 3 weeks

  • @gsrdgrdghd said: Just get a KVM VPS and put a cracked Windows on it. You shouldn't have any problems with that


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  • TaylorTaylor Member

    Ask them if they have any 256 in stock.

  • mikhomikho Member, Host Rep

    2008 on 256 mb ram wont work so thats out of the question.

    i think theres a grace period before you need to activate the license so it might work for 3 weeks before the real need to activate it.

    problem might be to get an iso of win xp.
    but i think thats your best bet.

  • gbshousegbshouse Member, Host Rep

    If you want to make something useful with Windows then for 2003 >= 768MB RAM for 2008 >= 1024MB RAM. You can run Windows on KVM (for example EDIS) but since version 1.0 virtio doesn't work and on IDE it works slow. Best solution will be run Azure 30 day trial.

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  • BlazeMuisBlazeMuis Member
    edited June 2012

    Yeah, i only need to run a program 24/7 wich uses not more then 15-20mb ram

  • Azure free trial would be your best bet imo

  • Try to contact SonicVPS

  • TazTaz Member

    Burstnet. Not $4 but. <$7

  • u4iau4ia Member

    +1 for SonicVPS
    $3.50/mo 256mb RAM and Windows Server 2003 R2.
    I have one, it's quite solid.

  • AsadAsad Member
    edited June 2012

    I have a 128mb KVM from GetKVM, have it running Windows 2003 without any issues. Specs and support are great, cost works out at around $3/month.

    They don't have any in stock on the website, but @GetKVM_Ash might be able to help you out.

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  • RaymiiRaymii Member

    What are you running on it? Could also use a pc @ home and put win2K3 on it?

  • Windows on 256MB is not going to be fun. Windows 2003 may just about take it but it will run like a dog.

    I am very surprised people are saying that it runs without issues. I would say minium 512MB for Windows 2003 and really 1GB or more for 2008 although it will run with less it seems to be much more usable with 1GB or more

  • @Raymii said: What are you running on it? Could also use a pc @ home and put win2K3 on it?

    Can't let my PC on 24/7 here
    I'm running an anti guid spoofer tool for cod4, wich kicks ppl that are spoofing their guids
    Needs net framework 3.5, so can't run on linux
    Right now i'm running it on a RDP bought from HF, but don't know how long that one lasts

    I'm gonna try to contact sonicVPS

  • Windows 2003 and 256mb RAM would run okay for the purposes of the OP.

    It just comes down to what you are trying to achieve. Clients understand the limitations of the RAM limit and work within reasonable tolerances for a low cost plan and solution such as this. Those that don't obviously get warned and advised to upgrade (or whatever sufficient solution) or suspended as they would be abusing the network.

    Windows 2008 is a different kettle of fish. I highly discourage any one choosing to run it under 4gb of RAM. A base install with minor differences gobbles up resources very quickly. If you're doing any thing other than running your own apps (so you're installing IIS, Exchange etc) then even 4gb will only get you so far.

  • innyainnya Member
    edited June 2012

    @joodle how much space do you need?
    I have only free 2 gig available disk space on my window vps.
    I have hyper-v window 2008 R2 VPS with1gig ram 20g disk and 100g bandwidth 100mbps. It is in Gorack Jacksonville Florida data center.
    I am not using it and I can let you use it free for a month.
    Let me know if you want to use it.

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