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Secure transfer of files between two Windows Boxes
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Secure transfer of files between two Windows Boxes

Whats the best/ quickest and safest way to transfer files between two windows boxes?

safe = I would appreciate some type of encryption so that no one can read / identify file contents

The servers are hosted in US and EU. So, I know its going to be a bit slow overall.

is FTP secure enough?


  • Setup a vpn between the 2 nodes and then you can use just about anything you want.

  • Btsync is probably the safest (and quickest).

    Everything in BtSync is encrypted by 256 AES. You also get the UDP protocol and file verification because of the Bittorrent protocol.

  • RDP anyone??? Both machines should have it and it has encryption plus you can mount your local drive into the other box for drag and drop file transfer without extra software.

  • Thanks all. Which method would be significantly faster to transfer files knowing both servers are located in different continents.

  • jbarrjbarr Member
    edited August 2014

    I vote for BTSync as well. Like Dropbox, it's set it up and forget it, and has been very reliable for me.

    Also, do a Google Search on

    bittorrent sync portable

    to find info on a "non-installed" implementation.

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