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AsuraHosting | 6th Month Anniversary Sale, starting @ $2/mo



  • @Taylor said: I can only go by what is posted on this topic.

    Again, as I stated before... non-diligence to research. And on a node to node basis; it seems like my Disk IO is still better; plus 20 days is pretty good, but how guaranteed is the safety of your data and the time you have left for using the said freebie?

    I find it funny when you said a free provider is out-doing me when all he has is 20 days of uptime and 30mb/s slower of a Disk IO bench.

    I'm unbookmarking this thread, I've already sold all my OVZ 256 packages; and don't advertise here often anymore due to BuyVM and ChicagoVPS dominance.

  • TaylorTaylor Member

    Out of stock most of the time

    @AsuraHosting said: ChicagoVPS dominance.

    You to are to alike, so bye.

  • LAKidLAKid Member

    I have been using Asurahosting for months, no ticket, no downtime, I/O is good.
    (ah, i opened one ticket for rDNS request, which was done in 5 sec.)
    The most important thing in vps biz is, I think, no downtime, on that, Asura gets +10.

  • jcalebjcaleb Member

    i agree with @LAKid uptime is the most important for me also.

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