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123system/chicagovps scam
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123system/chicagovps scam

After 9 days I have not receive the kvm VPS. 5 times i got from their support:

We are still working on your kvm and it should be fine in next few hours. "

Dont buy there!


  • My servers is working fine on both, your KVM on 123systems is LA?

  • NeoonNeoon Member, Community Contributor

    Any screenshots from tickets etc?

  • Yes KVM LA and every time i got this answer. Chicago OpenVZ is terrible slow I/O 3MBs

  • If everyone here opens a thread whenever they have a problem with 123 and cvps there is at least 100 threads in LET everyday.

  • akzakz Member

    nothing new here, after all those warnings and previous threads you still purchased it cause it was cheap. Dont blame them they run a cheap service, blame yourself for not making the educated decision.

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  • My server is working great. The deployment time was reasonable (24 hours) as they needed new nodes. For $6/y their SSD KVM's aren't that bad:

    UnixBench score: 953.4
    I/O rate: 230.0 MB/second
    Bandwidth rate: 31.5 MB/second
  • check you i.p, probably blacklisted...

  • MorningIris said: check you i.p, probably blacklisted...

    Just one - Spamhaus - along with 130,070 other addresses in the /15 block. Although, that's not ChicagoVPS's fault, rather the upstream provider (or the greedy Spamhaus).

    I don't care about the blacklist of a $6/y server. I would never use this box for Email, my main mail server's anti-spam uses 300MB alone. I use 700MB for the mail database (using Zarafa's Exchnage/Activesync). I wouldn't even have the ability to start the server.

  • ub3rstarub3rstar Member
    edited August 2014

    I'd also like to go on the record about 123Systems. I ordered a VPS because it was really cheap and had no plans to use it for anything critical. I asked that they add the FreeBSD ISO and they said they would. Now I've been asking them for 9+ days to get it added. I shouldnt have to keep on contacting them to get them to do one little thing. They always say they're going to add it but they don't. ChicagoVPS vouched that the response times would be better now that they acquired 123Systems. They were right that the response times would be better, however, they didnt mention that they'd be getting stuff done faster. If anyone at 123Systems/ChicagoVPS cares, my ticket ID is #123-A7A4T-MOU.

  • @ub3rstar said:
    They were right that the response times would be better, however, they didnt mention that they'd be getting stuff done faster.

    yep, even the response time better, it's just responded by Level 1 support, they can't do anything only redirect to Level 2, but the response of Level 2 support even much slower than former 123systems...

  • Did you open a ticket with them? If yes, what did they say and what is your ticket number?

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