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First LEB Cluster & Foray into the LEB Community
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First LEB Cluster & Foray into the LEB Community

DigitalPureDigitalPure Member
edited September 2011 in General

I have to say over the last couple of weeks I have been reading and studying the various configs, companies and setups that many of you have and am very impressed. I am new to the LEB community, but was intrigued by the capabilities and functions that some of you posted and so I am jumping in with both feet.

I have a modest 6 servers setup now, and using webmin/virtualmin to manage them and cluster then together. Still working on hardening the servers further, and setting up a primary status page for quick looks. I have seen some great scripts and am pouring over them to learn what will work best.

Current network (all openvz):
hostigation - 128
123systems - 512
semoweb (TX) - 512
kazetech - 512
virpus - 1024
zazoom - 1024

I plan on adding bitcable (they rock) and securedragon to the mix soon.

If anyone has some suggestions on good hardening techniques or packages to install that would be great. All the servers are running CentOS 5.X 32bit. It seems that CSF, Deny, and Brute Force are the best choices.

I welcome suggestions from anyone on the setup and or advice. I know there are alot of other great hosts that I looked at like chicagovps and buyvm but I had to pick some to start and think I got my feet wet with a good group. I am not so much looking to totally reduce my costs, rather reduce my points of failure. I currently have a single VPS in DimeNoc center (with a reseller) and offload small clients to hostmonster or hostgator (the ones that will get 5-10 page views a month. I was also looking for a easier way to add a WordPress SVN setup and so a couple of servers are needed.

I am pretty happy with Webmin/Virtualmin as a management platform right now. cPanel is great, but serious overkill. In many ways so is Webmin, but I am new to this so a gentle step down is needed.

Anyway, I look forward to the good, bad, and ugly of the comments. I also hope to get alot more involved in this community. Been a lurker for a few weeks now :(


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