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Geographically Diverse VPS' Wanted
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Geographically Diverse VPS' Wanted

Hi everyone, after a few more VPS' for my Personal CDN Network.

96mb+ Ram
2gb+ hdd/ssd
50gb+ Bandwidth
**1xIPv4 (or NAT) + 1xIPv6**

Price: Sub 15$/yr

Sydney, AU (LowEndSpirit)
Rotterdam, NL (LowEndSpirit)
Dallas, TX (LowEndSpirit)
Tokyo, Japan (LowEndSpirit)
Milan, Italy (LowEndSpirit)
Newcastle, United Kingdom (LowEndSpirit) 
Madrid, Spain (GinerNET)
Riga, Latvia (
Jacksonville, Florida (Crissic)
Varna, Bulgaria (FitVPS)
RBX, France (Kimsufi)
Budapest, Hungary(MikroVPS)

If you know of any that would suit that would be much appriciated


  • iceTwyiceTwy Member
    edited July 2014

    Check out Vultr's locations, some should fill the gaps that aren't covered by your CDN as of now.

    You could also get:

    • Northern Europe: HostHatch (Sweden)
    • Australia: RansomIT (Adelaide, Sydney), BinaryLane (Brisbane)
    • South-Eastern Asia: DigitalOcean (Singapore)


  • chrispchrisp Member
    edited July 2014

    Slightly above your budget, but there is that would cover Africa and they do have Brazil as south american location as well, so you would extend your CDN by 2 continents :>

    Frankfurt, Germany is missing on your list as well, look into this thread:

    worlds largest internet exchange:

  • MuZoMuZo Member

    xvmlabs - 5$/year - USA LA

    RIJX - 10$/year - USA LA

    It's 3$ above your price limit (18$/year), but I've got my last node by MCH and it's working fine (LET-JULY-256MB-10GB-1TB-YEARLY -

    For ~20$/year you can get the cheapest VPS in Russia by firstvds, network isn't the best but payment is monthly so you could cancel it if you don't like it.

    If you use a proxy you could get a free VPS by H1F in Brazil / South Africa / Germany, they auto assign the location based on your IP address. Uptime and network aren't the best but hey, it's free.

  • Securedragon @kujoe covers a lot of places in the US

  • souensouen Member

    Canada LEB below $15/yr is a bit hard to find these days, ProvisionHost used to have a $13.33/yr offer for 128 MB RAM 5 GB disk 500 GB bw in Toronto, might be discontinued with the change of ownership (their site loads the product configuration page but not sure if the order will go through). Closest thing will probably be MCH 96 MB RAM for $15/yr in OVH Beauharnois or the July deal MuZo mentioned for $3 more. I have one with MCH with great uptime. (There's CloudatCost 512 MB RAM at $12/yr in Kitchener but I wouldn't recommend for production use, overall performance is mediocre with occasional downtime on some nodes.)

    If you still need US location (say if one in FL, one more in NY): INIZ $14/yr 256 MB RAM 20 GB disk 500 GB bw should still work, the $7/yr 128 MB offer seems to be out of stock at the moment.

    A LEB user mentioned Torqhost has a $13.75/yr 512 MB RAM plan in Estonia, maybe stop by and see if they can set you up with an offer.

    If you can increase budget some more: lankapartnerhost - $2/month - Romania (unfortunately 128 MB $12/yr is out of stock)

  • Thanks guys.
    But a lot of them are way too expensive and lots dont have ipv6.
    Just an update.
    I have a los angeles from cloudshards
    Gothenburg sweden from yourserver
    Seattle from ramnode

    But im after a few more cheapies before i let go of all my ipv4 only vps'

    But on my list to get is Canada (will probably go mch)

    New york


    And a few others

  • Hi,
    take a look at this list:

    The offers there may be too expensive, but for exotic locations/coutries worth a look.

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