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Monitoring based on service not "checking-in" within last 3 minutes?
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Monitoring based on service not "checking-in" within last 3 minutes?

aFriendaFriend Member

I have a background task that needs to watch for events and send customers email when an event occurs. For reliability, I can run the same task on 3 different servers independent of each other - but at any given time, only one should send out email alerts. What I need is that if the "current primary server" goes down, then another one should take over the "primary" responsibility. This is not a website. I could have these tasks "checkin" somewhere say every 2 minutes - and if they fail to check in, someone else becomes primary. And receiving such alert would be great.

Are there any tools, sites (preferably free in the LET spirit) that allow doing this? (BTW I am using mandrill for emails)


  • lukesUbuntulukesUbuntu Member
    edited July 2014

    can you not just create like a inetd service script to respond back to health checks, if it fails have a priority list of which node takes master next....

    I have written something similar i use with haproxy & cloudns

    The links i have tagged are for reference but easily write up your own solution

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  • netomxnetomx Moderator, Veteran

    Make a list for each one, and everyone will ping the master, and if not, check everyone on the list if anyone took over

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