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IPV6 Uses for VPS
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IPV6 Uses for VPS


I have done some searches but have had a bit of trouble having my question answered. The truth is that I think I know the answer but wanted some confirmation or possible clarification if I am misunderstanding.

I recently purchased two VPS servers both of which came with 3 IPV4 addresses and 16 IPV6 addresses. I currently plan on having one of them host some web content. The second one I have not really decided what to do just yet but I have a few ideas in mind.

My question is, what can I practically do with the IPV6 addresses? Knowing that the majority of users on the internet only have access to the IPV4 network is there any real use for them at this point? I love to maximize the resources of any technology I use and looking at 16 IPV6 address per VPS just sitting there is gnawing at me but from what I can tell or have read I have not been able to find any real use. Am I missing something?



  • I have gotten 16 IPv6 addresses with a VPS and /64 with a dedi. The only use that I have found so far is IPv6 tunneling via OpenVPN to provide IPv6 connectivity to my computers behind an IPv4-only internet connection. Since most people don't have IPv6 connectivity yet, there's really not much else to do, sadly.

  • @Ric878 said:
    Am I missing something?

    Hey there! You can use your IPv6 addresses with Cloudflare (4-to-6 proxy) so that you can host more websites, or simply use them for your websites/other servers for dual-stack compatibility (A and AAAA records).


  • rm_rm_ Member, IPv6 Advocate
    edited July 2014

    said: My question is, what can I practically do with the IPV6 addresses?

    You're just supposed to provide access to your website over IPv6, same as over IPv4. Users of some ISPs (of those having deployed both IPv4 Carrier-grade NAT and native IPv6, which is the way it's going to be for many/most of them) will have a faster and much more reliable connection to your website over IPv6, compared to over IPv4.

    Other uses include tunnelling to get IPv6 access where there's only IPv4. But only 16 IPs can't be used for that, you'd need a subnet (/64 or more).

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  • Ric878Ric878 Member

    Hmmm, I was not aware of the Cloudflare proxy option. I need to read into that a bit more to understand how that works.

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