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Live whois?
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Live whois?

drmikedrmike Member
edited September 2011 in General

Anyone know of a web based whois that isn't cached like domaintools is?

I'm on my locked down terminal and all I have is webbased access right now as well.

Or can someone do a whois for and get me the current IP address as well as who hosts it? I think it's still on singlehop.



  • Not the answer you wanted, but here's the info:

       Domain Name: AGSTRADING.COM
       Registrar: 1 MORE NAME, LLC
       Whois Server:
       Referral URL:
       Name Server: NS1.AGSTRADING.COM
       Name Server: NS2.AGSTRADING.COM
       Status: ok
       Updated Date: 17-aug-2011
       Creation Date: 27-jan-2011
       Expiration Date: 27-jan-2012

    IP: has address


    ElicitServers NETEL-ELICITS01 (NET-68-71-42-96-1) -
    Netelligent Hosting Services Inc. NETEL-ARIN-BLK04 (NET-68-71-32-0-1) -
    American Registry for Internet Numbers NET68 (NET-68-0-0-0-0) -

    Let me know if want anything else :)

    Thanked by 1drmike
  • Nope, that's it. Thanks for the follow up.

    domaintools says they're still on singlehop. Just wanted to make sure that that was not longer true.

    Reference about these folks in case you didn't get their crud:

    My clients are getting hit hard by these folks.

  • Thanks for the link, I didn't see anything yet but I'm sure it'll only be a matter of time before someone does.

  • SpiritSpirit Member
    edited September 2011

    drmike said: Anyone know of a web based whois that isn't cached like domaintools is?

    Doc for whois use "source" :-)


    Pick the search type as "domain," and click "submit" to execute.

    The InterNIC records will return the name of the registrar responsible for the domain, and some other registration-related details but not domain owner name. To find this scroll down the InterNIC whois results page until you reach the header named "whois server." In case of your domain is this ""
    This is the official whois server of the registrar for the domain name. Copy and paste this server domain address into web browser to open site. Enter your domain name into the search field, and execute the search by submitting the form. The registrar's search will return the name of the whois domain owner data.

  • drmike said: My clients are getting hit hard by these folks.

    This has been discussed thousands times on every domain/hosting board :) I think that there is no domainer which wouldn't get their letters/domain offers on weekly basis. Sometimes they offer me some .net or .org equivalent for my .com domains but I just ignore them. It's spam where they just try their luck with naive domain owners. Not worth to reply or bother with them.

  • This has been discussed thousands times on every domain/hosting board

    Yup, I know. There's a number of different companies that do such.

    Anyone trying to scam my clients personally though gets a follow up from me.

  • SpiritSpirit Member
    edited September 2011

    It's not worth to bother. Seriously :) Some spam mail more or less... it's waste of time to feel bothered with.

  • @Martin: Out of topic but what is the command you used to obtain the IP Whois?

  • tortau said: @Martin: Out of topic but what is the command you used to obtain the IP Whois?

    I used the whois software 'whois'

    whois - client for the whois directory service

  • I use the website It's real time and non cached.

  • Just advising folks that I'll be looking into the issue. :)

  • And pretty much blowing it off with a "They didn't do it from our servers so it's fine" response.

  • It's not exactly fine but from legal aspect proper act (in case that they really didn't do it from their servers).

  • Actually with many hosting companies, that would be ToSable. Doesn't matter where the emails actually come from. The domain is being advertised in an illegal manner. It's called "spam support" in the anti spam community

    In fact, it's against netelligent's AUP, their host:

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, anyone hosting websites or services on their server that support spammers or cause any of our IP space to be listed in any of the various Spam Databases will have their server immediately removed from our network. The server will not be reconnected until such time that you agree to remove ANY and ALL traces of the offending material immediately upon reconnection and agree to allow us access to the server to confirm that all material has been COMPLETELY removed. Severe violations may result in immediate and permanent removal of the server from our network without notice to the customer. Any server guilty of a second violation WILL be immediately and permanently removed from our network without notice.
  • SpiritSpirit Member
    edited September 2011

    drmike said: Doesn't matter where the emails actually come from.


    WHTers banned you because they consider that you did something what isn't right. (it's not important now who's right/wrong in this case -> it's just example).
    Should also LEB ban you because of that? Because your WHT "sin"? Of course not.

    This what you suggesting is double-edged sword. I can imagine few situations which no one here, including you, would appreciate regarding y/our host and things which happen non directly connected to y/our host. It's thin line... Just imagine that host A terminate you because some drSpirit reported you.. that you did something bad with host B.

    I don't like those spammers any more than you but as long they don't break ElicitServers tos this host have no reason to cancell them. If they do this it would be incovenient.

    Use mail header IP and report them to proper host.

  • drmikedrmike Member
    edited September 2011

    I;m not arguing over this. It's not worth it. We both have better things to be doing. ElicitServers is breaking their upstreams ToS and I'll report them on it. Just because ES allows their clients more freedom than their upstream, it doesn't excuse it nor does it permit them to do so.

    I got banned because I complained with proof about one of their advertisers and their poor customer service. Please kindly remember that.

  • SpiritSpirit Member
    edited September 2011

    It's not arguing.. it's all fine, just... as long spam mail isn't sent from ElicitServers they have no reason to terminate guy who pay and LEGALLY use their service. That's it.

    Use mail header IP and report them to proper host. <-- this would be the way to go.

  • @drmike Quite surprised by your responses here. I'm/we're not blowing anything off here, infact I said I would help by looking into the issue, but advised you politely that if the infringing action wasn't done on our network, it would be unethical (privacy policy, since it's not our business what this customer does with other providers) to terminate a customer. Canadian rules imply opt-in as well as opt-out is required for bulk mailing. The issue should have been reported to the mail servers provider. We are 100% against spam and are always in collaboration with our upstream to help find problem accounts, and we suspend them immediately once we have proof. If you browse to the domain in question, it's just a simple placeholder page, hardly contributing to any type of SPAM activity. I've been monitoring the given account today and found no network activity so far other than very light HTTP traffic.

    From the information you provided, the emails you are receiving are coming from:
    Received: from ( [])
    Network Operations Center Inc. HOSTNOC-2BLK (NET-66-197-128-0-1) -

    If you can provide other mail headers that include our IP space I will be happy to follow through right away, but terminating customers at the first complaint, without investigating of course, is only going to cause more issues.

    I'm sorry if your initial thought was that I was ignoring your complaint, because that wasn't my plan at all (I absolutely dislike spammers and would happily terminate clients found spamming on our network).

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