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drmikedrmike Member
edited September 2011 in General


Um, I have a need to leave some files on my vps for the evening until I get to a decent connection. The hard drive space is fairly full.

How much space do i need to leave open for the vps to function without failing? Like in case it gets rebooted and the like.

It's a production server but very little traffic is currently going through it.

Right now, there's about 150megs available.



  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Host Rep

    Turn off logging (syslogd) and compress your current logs to save space until then. Aside from logs and swap nothing OS-wise should be using any data (depending what you have running of course).

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  • Been meaning to ask. Is swap on Xen coming from the user space or is it allocated from some area elsewhere on the drive?

    I just found 32 megs that I could download to free up some space. Take an hour on this connection but better than nothing. I can delete my logs too.

  • Swap is in a separate partition AFAIK

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  • kiloservekiloserve Member
    edited September 2011

    yomero said: Swap is in a separate partition AFAIK

    That is correct. Swap is a separate LV on the node. Every Xen VPS has 2 LV's, primary VPS and Swap.

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  • But you can also create swap file to filesystem.

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  • rm_rm_ IPv6 Advocate, Veteran

    Providers do it in various ways, with some it's inside the FS (but in GNU/Linux swap is always fixed size, so it won't randomly grow).

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  • Thanks

  • A cron filled my machine to about 1MB free disk space usage before. SSH connections failed to open.

  • That was in the back of my mind as well. I know with most OSes, more memory is used during boot until things settle down a bit. Was wondering abut drive space as well.


  • I had my Xen VPS run out of disk space compleatly, and was able to ssh in and rm some files.

  • Mine was an OpenVZ. Not sure if the technology effects this.

  • I've had ssh go nuts too. Especially with kiddie scripters trying to hack their way in.

    And port scans.

    And little old laddies who don't understand that they have to turn off their caps locks. (Granted those won't will up error logs but you get he idea...)

  • Note to self: Never delete the contents of nginx and exim4. Just discovered that my sites have been down for over a day since I had no log files and both processes shut down in panics.

    Should see the size of my reject file in exim4.

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