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Cheap VPS in EU + US or in two different DCs
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Cheap VPS in EU + US or in two different DCs

RazvaRazva Member
edited September 2011 in General

Hi folks!

I'm looking for a cheap VPS provider that can offer me a low-end VPS in EU and another in US, or in two different data-centers. I want to host a small WHM DNSOnly server so 256mb RAM would be enough.

XEN would be appreciated, but OpenVZ is ok.

What's your recommendation?



  • Why do you need it to be one provider for both locations? Anyway burstnet has both EU and US locations, but i think they deal under different company name in EU and US so i am not sure if you can get one invoice for both services (if that is what you want).

  • You got my thought. I want a single invoice, as printing 10 invoices for 50 bucks services is not a good thing... :)

  • Later edit: if not two different countries/continents, at least two different data-centers/locations.

    The idea is that I cannot host my DNS servers on a single location. If that location entire DNS will go down, which sucks.

  • You can get two or three of the cheap yearly deals from different providers and then you only have to print two or three invoices per year :)

  • has several VPS locations around Europe but i have no idea how their invoicing system works and if you would get one or multiple invoices for multiple services.

  • Check out the recent thread from James at Quality Servers, they have UK and US vps nodes and have also recently started offering specific DNS packages.

  • The idea of paying yearly is interesting as I don't have monthly headaches. But this will imply the fact that I know/trust the provider, it's stable, etc.

    So, do you have any recommendation for two providers that offers yearly packages and it's stable/cheap?

  • drmikedrmike Member
    edited September 2011

    Quickweb does both locataions. Europe is covered by Germany and I believe they have a couple locations in the US:

    edit: Not sure what their polices are with WHM.

  • Check


    Chicago, US

    London, UK

    Amesterdam, NL

    their 128 MB is for $34/year however you can get it for $28.90/year after promo code "15OFFNOW"

    I got two boxes at their UK and NL nodes.

    PS: You can get double RAM for free just create a ticket after signup.


    Locations: Rock Hill, South Carolina and Los Angles, California

  • LongShotLongShot Member
    edited September 2011

    So, do you have any recommendation for two providers that offers yearly packages > and it's stable/cheap?

    Check out:

    I've got annual deals for 128mb/256mb burst VPSes with Hostigation (Rock Hill, SC and Los Angeles - $20), SpotVPS (Chicago - $15) and UptimeVPS (France - $7, yes, $7).

    All three run well. Hostigation is well-regarded, SpotVPS apparently is the budget brand of a larger provider, and UptimeVPS ... uh ... costs $7 a year.

  • Until now looks the best. They have two locations and the price is a bargain.

    Now the last two questions would be:
    1) are they reliable? Does anybody has any experience with them?
    2) will 384MB be enough for a DNS Only server?

    Thanks a lot for your feedback!

  • I'm running a DNS+Webserver+Mailserver on a 128MB RAM VPS. So it should just work fine.

  • Damn I knew a host who could deliver a VPS in the EU and USA, but they were in the same datacenter =[

  • My 2 DNS boxes use around 20mb RAM, but since cPanel DNS only uses BIND you will need 192mb ram to run and 384mb to install on a OpenVZ VPS (unless it uses vswap, then you will need less).

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