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LEB down ?
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LEB down ?

marrcomarrco Member
edited September 2011 in General

that's what i get ATM. New ddos or just a failure?


  • Is working... ¬¬

  • There was a server reboot at QuickWeb...

  • Comments seem to be down.

  • yes, working now. And good to see cloudflare kicked in during the reboot.
    Comments down here too.

  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Host, Host Rep, Veteran

    Something/someone broke the latest comments stuff :(

    LEA - Maybe you need to run a table check?


  • Yeah table crashed. Should be fixed now...

  • Who did we tick off this time?

  • And it's down again now ^_^

  • Yes, just right at the moment I was searching for an offer :-/

  • I'm getting the CloudFlare snapshot.

  • Same here!

  • vedranvedran Veteran
    edited October 2011

    CloudFlare fails, they are serving a 5 day old snapshot. I could probably get the newer version from google cache.

  • Sorry. Still trying to work out what is going on with the box...

  • maybe time to spread the load ? grab a few more vps load balanced with wordpress + hyperdb setup mysql master/slave replication. Basically what I'm doing with all these LEB VPS I'm gathering ^_^.

  • vedran said: CloudFlare fails, they are serving a 5 day old snapshot. I could probably get the newer version from google cache.

    You could probably get a even newer version from your browsers own cache.

  • No the load is perfectly fine. It's just a light weight blog... I have only just realised that it's offline, but

    1. I am unable to get it rebooted from SolusVM.
    2. I am unable to log in via SSH.

    I am trying to get QuickWeb to take a look.

  • eva2000eva2000 Veteran
    edited October 2011

    Maybe the term load was not correctly used, i mean spread the site availability :)

    I was also searching leb site for VPS deals, when it went into cache mode heh

    with wordpress + hyperdb mysql replication even with slave in read only mode, leb will be searchable just not able to add new comments.

  • drmikedrmike Member
    edited October 2011

    OK, so who did we tick off this time? ;)

    edit: Just looked. Last offer for me is the 123com offer on the 8th so for me it's only a day behind.

    again: The comment feed is from the 5th though.

  • @drmike -- the last offer was in fact from 123com. I have now restored the backup to another VPS I got (a Linode from Fremont which I was about to throw away due to recent issues there), and pointed CloudFlare there. Still waiting for response from QuickWeb -- it's mid night there so probably have to wait for a few more hours.

    From a cron script I got it seems root is somehow read-only. A bit hard to work out what's going on without the console. Well, I need to go now and will try to figure out in a few hours.

  • It's now moved back to QuickWeb again. According to Roel from QuickWeb:

    • It was a DDoS attack. TCP/UDP flood mostly.
    • LowEndBox is now behind Cisco Guard again, and required a reboot.

    Again, no idea who it is this time. What's up with people these days?!

  • There attacking you again? omg don't these people have a life or anything else better to do?

  • drmikedrmike Member
    edited October 2011

    {humour}So I was right? :D{/humour}

    I noticed that indents and > now morph into blockquotes. Thanks.

  • lol LEA has a lot of enemies

  • Or maybe some of you commenters have made a lot of enemies for me...

  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Host, Host Rep, Veteran

    LowEndAdmin said: Or maybe some of you commenters have made a lot of enemies for me...

    I vote that we get rid of rds again.


  • @LEA actually it is probably microcrap on a crusade to bring you down since your sites are much more popular then theirs.

  • @AuroraZ -- whatcrap?

    Seriously. I have been running various websites since 1996, and have even received extortion emails from Russian mafia for my other sites, but LowEnd(Box|Talk) are the only ones that ever got DDoS'ed...

  • @LowEndAdmin I could make a phone call if you want....


  • @LEA You know those one guys. The ones that don't spy on users, intimidate them, make people totally dependent on them. Those guys Microcrap.

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